All Hands, (and Eyes), on Deck

And some foolishly thought Jerome Bettis had retired from football. What actually happened is he has disguised himself as a running back from Meridian, Idaho named Austin Deck; whose lingering hope is to eventually get an offer from his childhood favorite team just up the road... (*FREE CONTENT*)

Austin Deck, (RB Meridian, ID), is waiting patiently for an offer from Boise State, the team of his allegiance ever since the granite gridder was knee high.

"I am very, very interested in Boise State," Deck said. "I visit their website everyday and I read about the team everyday in the newspaper." Deck has been to the stadium, dressed in blue and orange and is counting down the days in the hopes of stepping onto that blue turf and mowing down conference foes.

"They would have to be my top choice right now," said the power runner from Meridian. Deck and his crew notched a state title in 2005 and are looking to hang another state banner this season.

While the Broncos might be better know for playing the shell game offensively—see: Fiesta Bowl, RE: Oklahoma—Deck is confident he can literally live up to his name and bring some Big-10 style hardnosed football to Boise.

"I'm a physical runner up the middle and I love to block," said Deck. While most feature running backs are reluctantly converted to fullback upon arrival in college, Deck is actually looking forward to following in the footsteps of players like Bettis, Craig Heyward, or even more recent backs like Brian Leonard of Rutgers last season.

A true football player, Deck has made the all state football team in each of his first three seasons in high school, has been on the 1,600-pound lifting club at Meridian since his freshman year and has posted 1,000 yards seasons in each of those three years.

Nevertheless, the 5' 11" 220 fire hydrant is not simply a bowling ball that picks up the 7-10 split with each carry. "I haven't dropped a pass, in a game, in years" Deck added. The senior eyes a possibly career in medicine, if not a career sending would-be tacklers to the trainer's room.

Despite all his athletic and physical accomplishments, Deck's most impressive comes off the field where he carries a 3.8 GPA, which is all part of the hard-working package he presents.

"I never get outworked, I make sure of that," Deck said. "I'm one of our team leaders, but I'm not that vocal. I let my work ethic do my talking."

Boise State might have a lay-up in hand, but they can't get careless or lazy with Deck. Colorado, Washington and Oregon State have also shown heavy interest and loyalty to a team can only carry a recruit so far. Still, one gets the impression that the powerful back might not need too much convincing from the Big Blue.

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