Multi-talented Olson hoping for a look

The term "Tweener" has come into vogue recently, and it can be taken one of two ways. The pessimist thinks of a guy that doesn't fit neatly into one position, giving the coaching staff a headache. The optimist thinks of a guy that doesn't fit neatly into one position, bringing a smile to the coaches' faces because of his versatility. Austin Olson may be the poster child for the tweener category...

Austin Olson is probably the latter. The 6' 3" 235-pounder frequently lines up at defensive end—or as a linebacker disguised as a defensive end, hence the tweener reference—but he also fulfills a role as a tight end and as the Pierce Cardinals' punter.

Olson earned second team All League honors as a receiver last year, in large part because the 3A SPSL League doesn't have a tight end as one of the positions available, otherwise he would have been a certain first-teamer last season.

However, he also fits in well on the defensive side of the ball and is optimistic about his team's chances this season defensively.

"We only lost two starters from last year," Olson said. "With our size (up front) our run defense should be second to none. We also had the top pass defense in our league."

Olson has also been working hard in the off season on route running and pass catching, so even he isn't really sure what he is, it's not really a concern at this stage in the game.

He's the type of player that can fill a number of needs, football's utility infielder, if you will, with the exception that a utility infielder is usually a guy you want to just fill in here and there. Olson's problem is that there's only one of him and he'd benefit Pierce at a number of positions.

His defense held teams to single digits five times last season and allowed more than 21 points just once. "We should have a very potent passing game this season," Olson added.

To make sure the coaches at Boise State are very aware of him, Olson will attend their camp this summer, "to show them what I can do." Olson is eager to impress the coaches at BSU since the school is Olson's top choice at this point.

"I would really like to go there," Olson said. "That is the first school I want to visit." He is also looking forward to the academic opportunity that an education at Boise State would provide. He will be the first person in his household to attend college and only the second in his extended family to do so—an older cousin beat him to the punch for that.

Still, with a 3.8 GPA, keeping things in check academically should not be a problem for Olson. The tight end/lineback-whatever has also stayed busy getting himself noticed by scouts through combines, camps and marketing workouts.

It doesn't seem likely that Olson will be unnoticed, if he indeed is at all at this point. The one question that really remains is if the coaching staff at BSU has interest in a multi-faceted, talented athlete.

Odds are, if they can kill three scholarships with one offer, then they will be interested.

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