Three More Plays Join List In Finals

Three more plays (Hilde to Bowens to beat North Texas State in 1994, Gerald Alexander's block of a San Jose field goal in the closing minutes in 2004 and Bart Hendricks' second half touchdown against UTEP in the 2000 Humanitarian Bowl) all won their polls to advance to the Final Round of BroncoCountry's "Top Plays" series.

Bart Hendricks, Gerald Alexander and the combination of Tony Hilde and Willie Bowens are the latest entries in the BroncoCountry Finals of the summer series to determine the Top 100 Plays in Bronco Football History.  Those three join plays by Jared Zabransky & Drisan James, the duo of Eric Guthrie & Don Hutt and the 1994 Flea Flicker as winners of the six Qualifying Round polls thus far.


The Hilde to Bowens pass play that defeated North Texas in the Division I-AA national playoffs in 1994 received 34 percent of the vote in Poll Four.  That play beat out the first play of the final drive in the I-AA national championship game (Joe Aliotti to Kipp Bedard), the Eric Guthrie to Don Hutt 57-yard pass that put Boise State in position to capture the 1971 Camellia Bowl, the 86-yard kickoff return by John Smith in the 1973 Division II national playoffs, Smith's 75-yard touchdown in 1974, Brock Forsey's great run in the 1999 Humanitarian Bowl against Louisville that set up Davey Malaythong for the winning TD and Rocky Atkinson's determined touchdown vs. Fresno State in 2002.


Alexander's block of a San Jose State chip shot field goal in 2004 gave the Broncos a chance to eventually win in double overtime.  That play won 56 percent of the vote in Poll Five.  Other plays in that poll were Vinny Perretta's miraculous catch in the 2005 Humanitarian Bowl against Boston College, Duane Halliday's TD pass to Todd Kenzel to beat Weber State in 1988 with 44 seconds left, Chris Carr's hustle to recover a fumble that led to a 2003 Fort Worth Bowl victory, Chris Jackson's 77-yard run against Delaware State in 1987, Ryan Ikebe's 90-yard kickoff return vs. Eastern Washington in 1995 and Rashib Gayle's great interception of Montana quarterback Dave Dickenson in 1994.


Hendricks' 77-yard touchdown through the middle of the UTEP defense to open the second half helped the Broncos win the 2000 Humanitarian Bowl.  That play attracted 48 percent support in Poll Six.  Hendricks' play beat out Tyler Jones' last-second 46-yard field goal that beat Tulsa in 2004, John Broadous's record 100-yard kickoff return against Idaho in 1981, Lou Fanucchi's 50-yard touchdown against Arkansas in 2002, Jason Payne's deflection in the end zone that gave Boise State a win over Weber State in 1994, Gabe Franklin's stop of Adam Trefalis in 2004 that won that game against San Jose State and the miracle Tony Mamaril catch on a fake punt against Wisconsin in 1997.


Each BroncoCountry poster has the opportunity to vote now in Qualifying Polls Seven, Eight and Nine.  By reading the description of each play in the polls and viewing videos that show the play itself, you do not have to have been there to be able to vote.  It is easy to make an objective decision with the tools given to you.


The twelve Qualifying Poll winners will join 48 Preliminary Round winners for a total of 60 plays in the Finals.  The Final Round begins June 23rd on BroncoCountry. 

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