The Sensational Sixty-Seven!

After months of research, this is it. BroncoCountry is about to dive into the "Sensational Sixty-Seven", the Final Round in our summer series to determine the Top 100 Plays in Bronco Football History. Bronco fans can vote in ten polls to determine the all-time top ten. Special thanks for invaluable video work from ParkJar and insight from O2B4BSU, jojobro, GErickson and others.

The moment of truth has arrived.  For the past seven weeks, BroncoCountry has been diligently going over the top plays in Bronco football history with the purpose of selecting the Top 100 Plays.  We originally identified 282 plays from 1968 through 2006 as worthy of consideration for this undertaking.


 BroncoCountry posters reviewed and discussed the plays, then voted in a series of Preliminary Polls to reveal their choices for narrowing the field.  They then voted in twelve Qualifying Polls to determine the Top 100. 


Now, it gets serious.  There are 67 amazing plays that will vie for attention in the Final Round.  There will be ten polls of six-seven plays each.  The Top Ten plays will be chosen, representing the winners of each of the ten polls.  Those elite ten will then enter the Semifinal Polls to ultimately determine not only the top play in Bronco football history but the order of the top ten.


Bronco fans will see familiar names such as Eric Guthrie, Don Hutt, Joe Aliotti, Cedric Minter, Rick Woods, Ryan Ikebe, Ian Johnson and Marty Tadman.  But the thing to remember is that while one or two players made the headlines, more often than not the play worked because every member on the team did his job.  Shawn Beaton, Dennis Brady and the other linemen made that block that allowed Joe Aliotti the time to scramble and see Duane Dlouhy all alone in the end zone to win the 1980 Division I-AA National Championship.  Joe O'Brien held his ground and Rashid Gayle covered his man to allow DaWuan Miller to intercept the pass that allowed the Broncos to beat North Texas in the 1994 playoffs.  Had Jeff Cavender, Tad Miller, Ryan Clady, Andrew Woodruff or Jadon Dailey not held their block, no one would have even heard of the Fiesta Bowl Hook and Ladder.


So as you consider these sixty plays, keep in mind the teamwork, coaching and attention to detail that went into these plays.  Think of the countless hours of hard work, summer conditioning, studying film and practice while taking 12-15 college credits.  They are what make each of these plays so special, what makes difficult plays look easy.


Join us as we salute BroncoCountry's Top Sixty-Seven Plays! 


Hutt Catches Tipped Pass in Camellia Bowl
Two-Point Conversion Wins Camellia Bowl
Stern to Holton Beats Cal Poly in Final Minute In 1975
Rosolowich Makes Miracle Steal
Huey Hits Holton to Complete Miracle Comeback Minter's Incredible Run After Catch in 1978 Playoffs
Aliotti's Sensational Run in 1979
Minter Penetrates the Trees of Terror
Joe Aliotti to Kipp Bedard Flea Flicker Ignites Bronco Stadium
Spadafore Catches Own Punt to Prevent Grambling TD
Bronco Defense Puts Up a Wall in I-AA Playoffs vs. Grambling
Aliotti to Dlouhy Wins 1980 National Championship
Woods' Leaping Interception and 73-Yard Return Stops Tiger Threat
Moran Clears 56 Yards for School Record
Morioka's Eye-Popping Return
Black Pulls Off Fake Punt in I-AA Playoffs
White's Miracle Deflection Catch in 1990 I-AA Semifinals
Adams Crisscrosses Defense for 79-Yard Touchdown
Hilde & Hausske Convert on 3rd and 49 in 1994
Flea Flicker 1994 Style
Hilde to Bowens Defeats North Texas
Hilde to Ikebe Connection Puts Broncos Over the Top
Schrack Catches Game-Winner against Marshall
Miller Closes the Door on Marshall in 1994
Autele Stiff-Arms Dickenson for 99
Sparks Hits Smith with 45 Seconds Left to Beat Utah in 1997
Shaunard Harts Turns the Tide in 1999 Humanitarian Bowl
Hendricks Outruns Miner Secondary in 2000
Hendricks' Acrobatic Catch in 2000 Humanitarian Bowl
Mikell Takes it 98 Yards on the Islands in 2001
Forsey Catapults over Bulldogs for Tying Touchdown In 2001  
Swillie Ricochets off Bulldog for Winning TD in 2001
Sasser Sacks Carr as Boise State shocks #8 Fresno State
Fanucchi's 97-Yarder Burns Louisiana Tech
Forsey Clinches 2000 Humanitarian Bowl in 2002
Gilligan's Amazing Return Stuns Oregon State in 2003
Hall Makes Tumultuous Hit on Beck
Wes Nurse & Boise State Make a Statement vs. BYU in 2003
Mikell's Run Of Beauty vs. Idaho in 2003
Gilligan Speeds 73 Yards for TD vs. Fresno State In ‘03
Dinwiddie & Carpenter Hook Up for 52-Yard TD vs. TCU In 2003
Mikell Explodes For 75-Yard Run in 2003 Fort Worth Bowl
Dinwiddie Hits Schouman in Fort Worth Bowl
Hall's Double Tip For Touchdown vs. Oregon State in '04
Jared Zabransky Runs Past Hawai'i in 2004
Carr Takes it Back 78 Yards against
SMU In 2004
Alexander's Vertical Blocks Field Goal vs. San Jose State
Andy Avalos Sets Records with 92-Yard Interception Return in 2004 Liberty Bowl
Jones' 92-Yard Punt Return Changes Hawai'i Game in 2005
Colledge Blocks FG, Scandrick Returns for 68 Yards vs. Hawai'i in 2005
Colledge Block, Scandrick Return Beats Hawai'i
Jones Shocks BC with 92-Yard Punt Return in 2005
Johnson's 59-Yard Run vs. Oregon State Ignites Broncos in 2006
Johnson Carries Two Beavers into the End Zone
Alexander Greets Darryl Poston
Rabb's Two-Point Conversion against San Jose
Monumental Tadman Return for 45 Yards
Anthony Montgomery's 37-yd. FG to Beat San Jose in '06
Tadman goes 98 Yards with Pick Six
James Stuns Sooners in Opening Minutes
Tadman Takes Away Sooner Threat
James Wheels & Deals for Fiesta Touchdown Before Half
Hall Deflects Pass to Tadman for Fiesta TD
Broncos Execute Flawless Hook and Lateral
Schouman's Clutch First Down in Overtime of Fiesta Bowl
Halfback Option Beats Oklahoma
Statue Left Wins Fiesta Bowl

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