These Bronco Waters Run Deep

Over the past 14 days, BroncoCountry has previewed the 2007 Boise State football team. BSUpuntpasskick brings it all together in this overview of the team.


It's rumored that some wayward waterfowl found out the hard way that Bronco Stadium's inviting blue turf was not a calm, safe-harbor for uninvited guests.  These Bronco blue waters run fast and deep, so you better pack a lunch and a lifejacket when you set foot on the Big Blue.   

The 2007 Bronco Football Team is ready to extend the string of 5 consecutive Western Athletic Conference championships and to meet the lofty expectations established by the undefeated 2006 Broncos. This squad reflects the steady progress in recruiting Boise State has experienced since moving up to 1-A/D-1 football.  Boise State decided long ago that character was as important as physical skills when evaluating recruits and has used that model to build championship caliber teams that have dominated the WAC during the last 5 years.   

The 2007 depth chart tells the story, with solid players listed 2-deep across the board and 3-deep in a lot of positions.  The Bronco starting team is good enough to be competitive with any team, in any conference in college football.  The players listed at 2-deep on this year's roster can flat-out play ball also.  At quarterback, either Bush Hamden or Taylor Tharp are capable of running the offense, with Mike Coughlin or Nick Lomax on the sideline at 3-deep.  Reserve wide receivers Tanyon Bissell, Toshi Franklin, Austin Pettis, Titus Young and Julian Hawkins will get a lot of playing time along with starting WRs Vinny Perretta and Jeremy Childs. The tight end position will continue to be a big-time part of the offense with starter Ryan Putman sharing duties with Richie Brockel and Sherm Blaser.  The offensive line is as good as any in the nation and is the foundation of the offense, which bodes well for the Broncos this year.  With the likes of Ryan Clady, Tad Miller, Jeff Cavender, Andrew Woodruff, and Dan Gore protecting the quarterback and opening up holes for running backs Ian Johnson, D.J. Harper and Jeremy Avery to rumble through, the Bronco's offensive coaching staff must go to sleep with smiles on their faces. 

The Broncos defense is going to stymie opposing offenses this year with a shutdown secondary unit comprised of cornerbacks Orlando Scandrick and Kyle Wilson, and safeties Marty Tadman and Jason.  Reserve corners Rashaun Scott and Brandyn Thompson along with safeties Austin Smith, Jeron Johnson and Garcia Day add extreme depth to the secondary.  The defensive line is stout and will make it very difficult on opposing running backs this year.  Stalwarts Nick Schlekeway, Mike T. Williams, Joe Bozikovich, and Phillip Edwards will continue the stingy run defense that has become a benchmark of the Broncos.  The Bronco linebackers have speed, intensity, and like to hit anything on the field not wearing the appropriate colored uniform.  Starting linebacker David Shields will be joined by Kyle Gingg an dTim Brady along with Derrell Acrey and Dallas Dobbs.  

Place kicker Kyle Brotzman and Punter Brad Elkin will carry the specialists' duties.   

The Bronco's coaching staff is excellent, enough said!

We're ready to kick it off!


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