Broncos Drop Second Game North of the Border

It wast was an already physically exhausted team that Boise State put on the floor to start the game against the University of British Columbia on Monday morning, and between lights-out shooting from the Red-hot Royals, and already tired Bronco players suffering from the flu, things went downhill fast..

Boise State started their final game with what could be the starting lineup for the Broncos come November, Seniors Tyler Tiedeman, Reggie Larry, Matt  Nelson, and Matt Bauscher were joined by JC Transfer Aaron Garner, and it was the steady Garner that started the scoring for the Broncos.

 However, it was UBC that controlled the boards early, crashing the offensive boards aggressively.  Boise State began substituting early and often, bringing in Zach Moritz and Jamar Greene, (who suffered from the effects of the flu since last night), after only a couple of minutes to spell Matt Nelson and Tyler Tiedeman who were playing their 4th game in less than 38 hours, and the much more rested British Columbia Thunderbirds, (playing in only their 3rd game in 4 days), capitalized by feeding the post and then kicking it back out for wide open 3-point looks.  The Broncos even used seldom used Steven Tracey to try to buy minutes for the spent Bronco guards, but the energy level was simply never there for the Broncos.

Boise State did find early success riding the less weary legs of Reggie Larry.  Larry, along with Bronco point guard Anthony Thomas were both suspended for the first 2 games of the 4-game series, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the travel and first 3 games within 24 hours took a heavy toll on the Broncos.

Aaron Garner showed his defensive brilliance by blocking not one, but two break away dunks from behind in consecutive possessions, on the second he then turned around on the other end and scored off of a great pass from Reggie Larry, displaying his overall importance after only a couple of weeks of practice with his new teammates.

However, at the end of the first quarter BC held a 24-17 advantage in large part to their hot-shooting from beyond the 3-point line.  Hot-shooting from beyond the line was what doomed the Broncos in their loss to Douglas College, and it was that same problem that came back to bite the Broncos.

Unlike the earlier games for Boise State, the Bronco's offensive firepower was non-existant much of the first half as they stalled on 20 points for about 5 minutes, and as is expected in an exhausted team, turnovers that weren't happening in the first 3 games suddenly began to happen to every Bronco.

However, despite the turnovers, and despite the physical exhaustion, Boise State held strong with the Thunderbirds, trailing only by 5 until more sharp-shooting from beyond the 3 again doomed the Broncos as they failed to put any pressure on the long shooters and all the Bronco's shots fell short and the Bronco's fell behind by a score of 48-35 at halftime. 

The second half brought more of the same to start, BC started out hitting their first 3-pointer and never cooled off, and the Bronco's continued to front-rim all their attempts.  The Thunderbirds quickly built their lead to 20 points. 

Boise State did make a run, fueled by the most rested Bronco that made the trip, Anthony Thomas.  Thomas made a couple of steals to bring the Broncos back to within 15, but once again the Royals hit from several feet beyond the 3-point line to stretch the lead back to near 20 points. 

The game from there out was merely an exercise in substituting Bronco players so that those on the floor could at least stand upright.  The road weary Broncos never gave up, but simply didn't have the stamina to stay with the quicker Royal guards, and when the final horn sounded the score read 106-86, bad guys.

Bronco Stats:

Reggie Larry:
  19 points
Aaron Garner:  14 points
Matt Nelson:  14 points, 9 rebs
Anthony Thomas:  10 points
Matt Bauscher:  8 points
Tyler Tiedeman:  5 points, 5 rebs
Jamar Greene:  6 points
Kurt Cunningham: 5 points
Zach Mortiz:  4 points

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