Bart's Blog: A Game not to MISS

Brett Favre's Alma Mater rolls into town this Thursday and as much as I respect his talents I can certainly respect his school's. Many, many athletes roam throughout that part of the country and there is a reason why so many football institutions nestle in that area.

The general rule about the South is that the teams tend to be what is called All Airport or All Pre-game. In layman's terms, they look the part. They also look the way any program would want too. And with our goals as being a big time program we should strive for the All Airport look. Strong, fast, they have a different type of athlete and bring a type of game unaccustomed to Bronco Stadium. With that "curb appeal" and with big play potential looming about, watch for the Golden Eagles to exploit that edge and dominate pre-game activities.

If I were to equate this team to others in our conference it would be La Tech and San Jose State, great athletes with big play potential. (I wouldn't necessarily put Hawaii into that category because their offense is so different, inviting the big play, every play.) Thankfully we have a good history with these types of teams.

The key to this game is staying disciplined and limiting the big play potential. Based on my playing past I personally believe the reason for the successful history is that these types of teams tend to rely on the athleticism and big play ability. Often times not focusing on the team aspect of the game, they can leave a lot of room for mistakes, falling behind and looking for the big play to get them back in it.

Not saying that this Southern Miss team is like that. It just tends to sway that way. Open up the possibility of big plays and the troubles will mount because if we find ourselves trying to compete on the big play level we will come up short. Not our style and certainly not the type of game that we want to play because our big play athlete(s) is yet to be discovered; still searching for the All Airport team combined with All America talent.

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