Bart's Blog: Voodoo

Did anybody see that guy with a stick on the Southern Miss sidelines on Thursday? He would raise it every play, point it at our team, anyone else notice? It took me all game discussing it with my family to come up with a theory and I think we have it. Voodoo stick, yeah, Voodoo stick.

I couldn't see the detail but it did look like a cane with a snakehead on it. Don't they have a lot of that down south? If it was, it worked really well on one play, the dropped punt. It was pointed directly at Childs when he dropped the ball. Eerie... Maybe they should have brought a couple more.

So Cavender will not be aloud to talk again. No big deal. Usually linemen have a "fine system" among the group if one of them gets ink or pub anyway, regardless of what a coach hands out or the media promotes. I am sure his crew in the trenches gave him more razz than any coach or media ever could. In stating that, job well done, Ian went ahead and quenched a few thirsts.

It is amazing what has become expected of the boys these days. A couple seemingly bad efforts and folks want some heads. Holy spoiled Batman. Though his rushing stats were better this game, the best plays Ian had last night weren't even his touchdowns. It was the couple of catches out of the backfield. Huge plays and it showed me a few more good things about him and let me know some even better things about Tharp.

Check downs are not only great for the stats; they are some of the best clues in knowing if a QB "gets" it. Nobody downfield? No need to force it. Take what they give you and put the ball in the hands of the people who are paid to run, sometimes just a flick away. (Little completely uninteresting fact: Tharp is sometimes called "Flicks" by the team.) Tharp had a great game and if it weren't for his one under throw it would have been near perfect. Man, we are spoiled…

All in all the game was quite entertaining though, despite some interesting antics on and off the field. The weather was great, I got a money parking spot highlighted by my superb parallel parking skills, I received an award at halftime, ESPN was in town, family was in town, and the "blue and orange out" looked fantastic. I was still reminded a few times of why I don't like to sit in the stands though. Some folks have no clue what the game of football is.

Would that be considered crossing that "line" Prater? Bagging on some of the same fans that gave me and my mates a cheer? Especially now that I am in the Hall of Fame?

I don't think I like the dark side that you and the rest of your colleagues inhabit, must be that Voodoo stick...

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