Homes Wanted For Blue Field Mice

This is American ingenuity at its best. A local designer has come up with a brand new computer product known as Blue Field Mice. These little critters are set to invade the homes and offices of Bronco fans everywhere.

All Bronco fans want Bronco Stadium to be expanded—and soon. But what can we "little guys" do? A local Boise State fan has come up with a great product that not only gives Bronco fans a chance to buy some memorabilia, but also helps fund Bronco Stadium Expansion.

The product is one cool item—a computer mouse designed after the famous Blue Turf. It features a blue "football field" complete with yard markers and orange mouse controls. It's called a "Blue Field Mouse"! has produced 2,000 of these little critters and feature it on their web site,

Blue Field Mice feature true enhanced performance, a compact design for easy portability, a USB interface for simple, plug-and-play setup and an advanced optical sensor so no mouse pad is required.

Here's the best part: Net proceeds from the sale of the Blue Field Mice go to the Horsepower program and specifically directly towards Bronco Stadium Expansion! The mice are priced at $19.99 each or $29.99 for two. They are available at the Blue and Orange Store, Computer Central and on the web site listed above.

Get yours today and help fund Bronco Stadium Expansion!

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