Bart's Blog: Umm… that hurt.

Yeah, so, how about the Stanford Cardinal? They certainly took care of business down in sunny California. Interesting how they were the last team to beat USC on their turf back in 2001. Looks like history was copied again Sunday night in Boise. New Mexico State can't buy a win on the blue, let alone a score.

I will have to confer with Stat Man Tom Scott, but I think the closest game they had here was in 1999. In fact the average score of the four games played on the turf between the two is around 53-10. My math might be off but I went to college, so I should know.

By the time I signed off the pre-game, Boise State Football slash sports, radio talk show on The Man (every game day one hour before kickoff, 99.1FM at Parkcenter Red Robin) the game was over. It was fourteen nothing at the time I started eating my tasty burger, eventually to be washed down with my subtle concoction of fruit refreshments. So I took my time to enjoy the provisions provided by the Red Robin crew as I watched what was soon to be a boat race on the ESPN channel of sports and entertainment.

I had friends tell me they had all intentions of going inside. Instead, as they walked by the televisions propped around the parking lot, they turned around and found the next refreshing drink. They actually thought the score at half was the end of the game. Maybe they had to many refreshing drinks.

Unfortunately the starting QB wasn't playing because then we wouldn't have received any excuses about why their offense forgot to show up. Last time I checked football was a team game. Not saying it would have made a difference if Holbrook were healthy but how about the defense and special teams efforts? When a kick is blocked, especially a punt, the chances of winning increase drastically, not only is it a big play, it is a huge momentum changer. To do it twice, well, you might as well pack the bags. Looks like the uniforms were the only things left to put on the bus, which was told to warm up ten minutes into the game. And maybe they could have come up with a stop on defense a few more times. Just a tackle in certain situations would have been nice, maybe let the last few fans enjoy some dramatics instead of the comedic antics. The general philosophy on defense: If the other team doesn't score you win.

I mean that's what we did.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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