They don't get any better than this one, and that's true no matter which of these teams won. Nevada and Boise State butted heads for four hours before Tim Brady's sack ended the game on a two-point try by the Wolf Pack.

Last week, the Boise State defense shut out a high-powered New Mexico State attack 58-0. This time around, the Bronco offense scored 69 points to outlast a determined Nevada team that ended with 67.

Back and forth these two teams went, with never more than 14 points seperating the two. It was grueling for everyone--the players, the coaches and the 30,000-plus fans in attendance. In the stands, people felt like they could make a difference in this one, and the stadium was wild and electric the entire second half and all four of the overtimes.

Time and time again, the Bronco offense was called on to make a play. They just kept making them, over and over again. By the same token, the Wolf Pack offense was called upon to do the same and they did just that.

Huge congratulations to both teams for a sterling effort--136 points, 1,236 yards of offense and just great football in general.

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