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I remember as a kid when Boise State came to Reno during the old Big Sky days. The game went into three overtimes and I rushed the field at Mackey Stadium as Nevada eked out the playoff match. The dramatics presented themselves once again and once again my team wins. And if it weren't for the escalated heart rate that I was recovering from I probably would have rushed the field again.

I was the quarterback in the last overtime game in Bronco Stadium. I handled the pressure of those situations a million times better as a player than as a fan.

As one quarterback to another, I can certainly throw my respects towards the opposing team. Nevada's QB is pretty darn good, scary-young good. I don't think any of us fans had any idea that Colin Kaepernick would be such a hassle. He is only a freshman, tall, and can run… fast. If Nevada continues to mold him into a passer that reflects the Nevada days of old they can and will certainly present some fits to opposing teams. Last night he looked like Vince Young and now I am extremely interested in their match-up with Hawaii down the road.

I can't say enough about the Broncos willingness to come out victorious again. Bottom line: A win is a win no matter how it looks. As long as there are more points on our side of the scoreboard then I will gladly take it. So will every fan, player, and coach. Everybody likes to see their team winning and blowouts are nice, but a win like last night, a complete one-eighty of last week, speaks volumes for the type of team we have and the adversity they can handle. It may not look as pretty, especially for the defensive squad, but the ability to make big plays in such big moments carries a ton of weight. And though Vince Young ran around and through our defense all night, the biggest play came when we needed it the most.

And so many times, they were faced with some very pressure pack situations. And as mentioned before, as a former player the pressure and stress is expressed more with the fans in the seats than with the players on the field. Hopefully the college football fans around the country were appreciative of the drama last night because it certainly wore me out.

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