Bart's Blog: The Bulldogs

Despite how tough of a trip it is to get to Ruston, their team is usually pretty darn good and like Hawaii, they play extremely well on their own turf. They used to be known as a great passing team especially when they had Tim Rattay and Troy Edwards...

Lately Louisiana Tech has been a little more balanced relying on solid play highlighted by the athletes they have. Athletes have always been a strong point for La Tech and if there geographical location didn't put such a strain on the team they would probably win more games than they have.

Besides them having that All-Airport look, there are a few other things that concern me as well.

First, the weather, after all it is the south and it is humid and still warm, considering Idaho has had some snow come through as of late. And if you are not accustomed to playing in humid conditions then it can be a burden. It can be that 12th man. Even the water tastes humid. I know that doesn't make sense but it really does taste that way; warm, musty, sweaty.

Second, there is the atmosphere. Of course there isn't to many places like BSU enthusiasm in the WAC but because of the rural landscape and the fact that there are a lot of schools in that area, fan support isn't exactly stellar. It sounds like it will be better than years past but seeing more empty seats than filled ones can add into that heat and humidity and create a lack of energy.

Getting mentally prepared and "jacked" up is always one of the biggest challenges when going into a languid environment. The good teams can do it better than the rest and lets hope that we find a way to rise to that level come kickoff.

We need to start strong too. The last few trips down there have ended in wins but only because of having a better team. We could essentially out last them; tire ‘em out. For some reason something tells me that we don't want to let these guys hang around.

Hawaii let them hang around and the game went into overtime. And as exciting as that overtime was last week, it sure is a pretty stressful situation to watch and puts a big strain on the mental psyche for the players. I am proud that they battled through it but I am not too sure anybody can manage that situation many more times. From a mental perspective it is like playing another game. So look for us to get ahead early and often.

I am not a big stat guy because the only one that means anything is the W's and L's but we have scored 75% of our points in the first half. Might as well continue that streak as well as continue our streak against WAC teams and WAC championships won.

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