Bart's Blog: Almost 25, Yet Not Even Close

I am turning evil. I must be because we are winning and I am not satisfied with the way our boys have been playing the last few weeks. Maybe you are too. So that makes you evil. I am much better at playing the game than giving some rubbish insight into it all. Insight requires criticism and though it may be constructive, it is tough to dish out, especially to the Alma…

Sorry to say but if we played that Nevada team in Reno we don't get to overtime and if Coach Dooley had a year or two under his belt at La Tech we would be singing a different tune. Maybe I am becoming the critic I don't ever want to be or maybe I just expect perfection. Either way I feel that if we don't straighten out a few wrinkles we are headed for a disappointment. Am I on the verge of "crazy talk?..."

We are getting closer to the top 25 in a few poles but I honestly feel it is because of our recent history. We are no longer the sleeping giant in the midst. We now hang out in the forefront, bearing all, wearing that huge bullseye and we are exposing our weak spots. Needless to say is about time to armor up or be brought down hard and fast like a giant does…

Because of our recent dramatic success though, specifically this last Saturday, I have to give some big props to some of the playmakers that are emerging. Childs is on pace for a record breaking season as a receiver and it is all because of plays like the 83-yard grab for six. You don't realize how much confidence that sends to a QB. Knowing that somebody will make a play for you, even if he has to play defense, is a huge boost. Look at Tom Brady. He throws balls up to Randy Moss knowing that he will come down with it and six touchdowns passes later… I am really digging the fact that Tharp is tearing it up too. He is getting better and better each week and that is plus. In college football a good QB can help tremendously. And I don't mean he has to keep throwing for three-hundy and five touches. Just getting through the game by putting the ball where it should be and without major mistakes is good enough; to put up these kinds of numbers is a bonus.

Without Ian, I like the fact that the big boys up front can get the job done with anybody back there. And by no means am I going to take anything away from Avery, he is one to watch, but anybody could have run through those holes. We also made big plays when needed against La Tech and that is great to see but we can't continue to rely on that. Solid defense and clock consuming offense is a better equation for success. The bad teams rely on the big plays. My fear is that we will start relying on the huge play to make a difference in the game. The big play should come as a bonus to an already dominating performance.

So we may be close to the 25th spot but we are far away from earning it. Let's start inching closer by playing a solid game against a solid opponent, like Fresno State, and then maybe I will change my attitude about the current state of the program. Everybody likes a winner and winning has become so common around here that a good win is no longer a great win. It has become a bad win. I am evil, blame it on Halloween.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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