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That was exactly the type of game I wanted to see from the crew Friday. It showcased the Boise State style of football that we have come to know and love. About the only mistake I witnessed was the "gunner" not keeping containment, resulting in the punt return. It also happened to be about the only highlight Fresno State had. Too bad.

I appreciate the fact that the victory was against a decent team in their yard. The Valley can be a tough place to play but one of the best places to walk away from with a victory.

The defense stopped the run and the offense continued to produce it. And though Tharp didn't have the biggest day throwing, keeping a drive alive with precise passing so your run game can continue to roll will win you a lot of games. Though nice, you don't have to throw for three hundred to win because anytime you have a rushing game like that you can count on winning a lot more. So how about four more, no check that, five more?

Gotta love those big boys up front too. I know I do. Obviously without them nothing gets done and nothing is more demoralizing to a team when domination occurs at the line of scrimmage. It makes freshmen running backs look really good and makes defenses look really bad.

Nice to see that Ian Johnson won't have to carry the load as much as he as in the past; maybe keep him from receiving some of the strangest injuries. No sprains, pulls or strains, just damage to internal organs, odd. It is obvious that Avery and Harper can run around and fill the void. Running by committee might be in the works because it is nice to see so many able to produce. It keeps legs fresh, keeps the clock running, and keeps the defense off the field. Exactly what we need to do as we head towards our sixth championship and eighth in nine years.

Despite all the success of late I do have a few theories as to why we continue to own the WAC and in particular the Bulldogs. One was blaringly obvious Friday night.

We out coach them.

And I am not talking about the x's and o's. That's given. I am talking about coaching class and personality. Pat Hill seems to be a pretty good guy but their needs to be some lessons in sportsmanship and conduct. Worry about the scoreboard and then we'll evaluate your personal performance to see if it is worth a "self pat" on the back. Then again, I am old school and my talking is done on the field. Maybe that is why I am proud to be a Bronco and maybe it is one reason why we continue to dominate.

Just maybe.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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