Bart's Blog: The Home Stretch

This week's game marks the final stretch, and a 6th WAC Championship is not a stretch. Obviously one game at a time is the mentality but lets be honest, as fans we know what's going to happen. Even the coaches and players have a good idea of what eventually will transpire. They just can't publicly say it. Which unfortunately is the boring, how it should be done process slash way, anyway. (What?)

San Jose State has talented players. They always have, just lacked the most important part, winning. Most teams do.

They lack the proper attitude and it is why winning is so difficult in the first place. Attitude is a strange thing to work with in athletics but when all things are equal it is the deciding factor. There is another name for it too and Boise Sate has it. It's called heart.

The Spartans are coming off of an idle week and had a chance to prepare a little longer. In my experience it doesn't matter much. Rest tends to make you relax a little, lose that edge. Besides, I would much rather be in a groove like we are currently in. Look at what happen to the Rockies. Let's just say we are the Red Sox right now and that seemed to work out just fine.

The way to beat this team is to eliminate the big play. They have very good athletes and have always given us fits with big plays and their athletic ability. A lot of deep throws, letting their athletes make a play has given us issues and heart rate increases. Tafralis has four consecutive three hundred yard passing games coming in so I imagine he would be looking for more. I know I would. We had some success stopping Fresno State's run game last week, now we need to have a great effort against the pass.

There is some talent on the defensive side too, specifically their corners. There is an All-American corner on one side and another legit corner to compliment him on the other. Receivers will have a test in front of them which also means Tharp is going to have to be smart with ball placement and reads.

Fortunately, he has been of late.

To be honest I am really diggin' Tharp's skills. The guy is having a solid year and with all the talk about Clady stepping out early for the NFL, Tharp just might have some talents that could catch an eye or two as well. All you need is one team to like you and with the attention BSU gets these days you never know. Then again if all else fails we have a run game that seems to be working.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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