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Well that was just your old fashioned butt whoopin'. And is exactly what we need to do to the teams we are supposed to throttle anyway. A solid effort in all three phases of the game and to be honest, almost boring to watch. I think I had a better time speaking at the half to the 600 kids for Lift-Up America. At least they brought some innocence and excitement to the place.

Don't get me wrong, I always love to see a nice boat race (throttled) but it is almost getting to the point where I would like to see a little more drama unfold. The problem is that it doesn't look like we will see that kind of action until a bowl game. I don't even think Hawaii has a chance. In fact, I think Nevada is going to give them a run before we do.

I am not asking for much from an opposing team. Maybe just a few more big hits or a goal line stand, I will even take a nice throw and catch. Something that puts the rest of us on edge would be nice even if it were just for a few minutes. It is like Boise State is the scratch golfer and every other team is the hacker unlucky enough to be in the same group to witness it. Fairway, green, two-putt… What is so exciting about that? About the only way the hacker has a chance is to bring the better guy down to his level of play. Hard to do, but they have to try something because whatever they are doing now certainly isn't working.

Is the rest of the WAC that bad? That answer seems apparent. It is as if each team gets so geared up to play Boise State that they actually forget to play Boise State. As much as I enjoy the wins and complete domination it always sounds better when a few teams make a better effort.

What else can I say?

We won and we will continue to win until someone decides to play the game as just another game. Boise State is a juggernaut so I am going to throw out a little advice to the rest our opponents; just play BSU as any other team. You might have a better chance. We win the intimidation factor from the start.

Nevada has been the only team to come in here, immune to the hype. Probably because the QB, Kaepernick, was too new to realize what he was getting into and therefore gave us all we could handle.

The next WAC team to beat us is the one that approaches the game against us as just another opponent. Until then, we will continue to roll because we have half these teams beat before the game even starts.

One more thing for future reference… You are not supposed to do "the wave" when the offense is on the field and if someone is lying on the field from a potential injury it is probably not a good idea either.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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