Bart's Blog: Hawaii Already!

And again it's another Aggie team… that we should pound on. And again it's another rung in the ladder to a WAC championship. And again… Let's get to Hawaii already!

About the only good thing going for the Utah State football program is the field and facilities. The stands are right on top of you; there is the crisp Utah air, the turf. Is it natural grass still? Does anybody still have that these days? Beside the point, it obviously doesn't win games.

I wish I could find more positive things about Utah State's situation. Their basketball team is pretty good. Too bad they are getting ready to start because maybe they can strap on a helmet. I guess I could also look at some statistics and see where the football team ranks in specific categories; try to find some bright spot. But based on the most important stat, wins, I am probably safe in assuming they don't rank all that high so why should I bother.

I like Coach Guy. That is a positive. He was the Defensive Coordinator here when I was letting it loose on the blue. Good coach, better guy– no pun intended. So it irks me that he has found himself in this situation. Most likely a lame duck gathering a big smudge on a decent coaching resume, he has some issues ahead that go well beyond a dominant Boise State team rolling into town.

Now that I have stated just about every positive thing from a negative perspective, I guess I can now give my reasons as to why we this game is so important. It is a big game because we are supposed to win. Seems odd to say but it wouldn't look to good if we overlooked this Utah State team and lost. Talk about the ultimate tide turner in attitude at Bronco Nation. So unfortunately, for the sake of beating them when their down, we have to pound them like the media folk say we should; leave no witnesses if you want to get nasty. It has to be that way. We cannot allow them to even have a sniff or hint of a chance to hang with us. Rule of thumb: Have the stands empty by half. Basically if everyone that leaves to get a beverage in the parking lot stays, it is because the drink is tastier than the action on the field.

So when does Utah State play Idaho? That would be a game to watch. "The Battle of the Doormats!" (Man, I am getting too close to this media gig. I am starting to turn to the dark side.)

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