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At least there was the Illinois/Ohio State game to keep me entertained as the Broncos wrapped up their biz trip to Logan. The defense is dominating, the run game is still tops, and special teams has finally scored a touchdown. Oh yeah, and Tharp is "en fuego."

Taylor Tharp is throwing darts, the young bucks are catching them, and if all else fails he can just hand the ball off to a score of talent in the running back department. And enough can't be said about the big kids up front. Tharp had time to not only drink his morning brew but also had a few choice moments to read the Saturday's edition of the Idaho Statesman; figure out what bingo spot he needed to fill.

Is there any more insight I can bring to the mix? I wish I had some but what else can be said? We are moving up in the BCS? Yeah, I can talk about that but what difference is that going to make? The media people decide that. And why shouldn't they?

Afterall, they are the ones that have played all those games, all those downs of blood, sweat, and tears. So of course they should be the people determining the rankings.

I don't have a voice when it comes to BCS.
So I won't.
I will move on.

Bottom line, we accomplished what we set out to do in Logan. It was a blowout and besides, it is rivalry week now. The Vandals are coming to town and I all I can say is welcome.

Welcome to Senior Day.

Welcome to a big blue and orange field day.

Welcome to the worst time to play this Boise State squad.

To be honest, it probably has been the worst time every time for the last 9 years, but this year's gig is looking even more so.

I know you are supposed to throw out the records of each team during rivalry week, but 9-1 vs. 1-9 sounds a bit too much to overcome for the Black and Gold. Even as I look at it on paper it looks bad. I am not too sure if an extra week to prepare helps out the situation either. It actually would have been better if we had been idle prior to this game. I am not saying the outcome would be different. I am just saying that the momentum we are riding would have been slowed a bit. So take what you want from it.

But I won't go into much detail about this week's match-up, at least not yet. I will let other fans and hype around town explain the value of this particular game. What I will do though, is provide some entertainment this week about some good and bad Boise State/Idaho memories and why a certain Idaho game in 1998 was the reason why Boise State won't lose to an Idaho team for a long time. So I ask that you tune in to this week's blogs because I will divulge a few tidbits and stories heading into the game on Saturday.

And of course, Go Broncos!

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