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The Bronco Vandal football game has lost its luster. What used to be commonly referred too as the Idaho Superbowl has now become just another game for the common fan. Today it is hyped more by the media than the player or new Bronco fan associated with it. But if you had a taste of the atmosphere surrounding the game in the 90's then you would understand.

This game has history and a heated one at that. So much so that the older alums carry the emotions with them to this day and they refer to Idaho as the D.A.V. (If you don't know what this means then you don't know anything about what this rivalry used to be.)

I can personally understand, for my class experienced a glimpse of it at the tail end of its glory as well as responsible for the rivalry's current emotional state, which as we know, is lacking.

Part One
Vs. Idaho 1996, 1997

In 1996 Idaho had introduced me to the rivalry in a harsh way by stomping us on the blue. Just so you know it was also the last time a Vandal team put a pounding on a Boise State squad. This 1996 game, my first year at Boise State is referred to as the "Fake Punt" game.

I have heard some die-hards call it the "play that killed Pokey." Pokey Allen was just a stud of a coach and unfortunately his time was cut short as he passed away about a month later to cancer. It also happens to be the reason why Idaho will not defeat a Boise State team for a long time. Just like the curse of the Bambino you can call it the curse of Pokey. Honestly, the rivalry was that heated…

Check out the rest and at to catch the rest of the first part of a brief history as to why I feel the luster has faded.

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