Bart's Blog: Rivalry Week #3

Rivalry Week: Part Three. Idaho 1999- Current. The current Boise State streak began this year. In November of 1999 we rolled up to Moscow, excuse me, Pullman to play Idaho with a Big West Championship on the line. We were focused on a nice topping to our successful season thus far as well as sweet redemption for the "two-point" conversion the previous year.

I remember the night before the '99 game, Bryan Harsin and I would get prank calls to our room in the middle of the night from Idaho fans. Now that is what rivalries are made of, providing us with some funny moments to pass on to the rest of the team the next day. Even coach Koetter got a few prank calls to his room, adding a little humor to the all-business trip.

And Business trip it was as we jumped out to a 21-0 lead with the ball heading into the second quarter. In a nutshell and to be extremely brief the game was over by halftime. My first championship ring in anything, and as you all know, the start of many more for the program.

November of 2000 had the same implications on the line as far as championship status but this outing was a little different. Instead of over by the half, this game was over by the end of the first quarter. Senior day, fun day, it was a career day. Done.

This game was about as fun to watch as the San Jose State and Utah State games of the last couple of weeks. They were just boat races.

So let's fast-forward to this year's match-up. My fortuneteller lady tells me the same is about to happen this weekend as it did in 2000. On one sideline you have a team at the peak of their game. On the other stands a team still trying to find it. It has the potential for disaster and as much as I wouldn't mind seeing a blowout, I wouldn't mind seeing a blowout.

And as much as I want to see Idaho succeed, just for the sake of our conference, I just don't want them to have the game of their lives this time around. Save it for Utah State next week. Imagine that game, each team is looking for their first win against a Division-IA opponent.

As for other action in the conference, we need Hawaii to win. Nevada as we know can bring some fits, Hawaii doesn't play well on the main, land and Colt Brennan had his bell rung against Fresno State. It is not shaping up well for the Warriors. So for the sake of Boise State getting to another BCS game we have to beat a Hawaii team that is not only undefeated but also ranked higher than us.

Go Warriors!

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