Bart's Blog: Three Phases

The great thing about the Idaho game is that it's over. And about the only good thing brought to the table from the Vandie's style of play that is worth talking about was or is, hopefully, the new sticker on the side of the helmet. Nice. My suggestion is keep it. As for your game, not good. I suggest some changes.

As for us, it took a half to finally wake up. I guess we stopped hitting the snooze button and got ourselves into gear before things, well, you know what happened. I even had a friendly wager with some colleagues and before they could get a word out as to what it we were betting for I told them I would give them the points. I won, knew we would and so it suited me just fine to see we found ourselves in the second half.

It was nice to see the seniors take control, kick it into another gear, as well as leave their last game at Bronco Stadium with a big win. Watching these last three or four games was like watching the Patriots dismantle their opponents. I certainly can't complain though. And now we can at least move on and everybody in and around Boise has seen, read, or heard about the Idaho game anyway. So I think that it is pretty obvious that no one wants to hear anymore. So, without, further ado, bring on the Warriors.

I have been asked a lot this week about our chances going into this game. But I just reply with, "How about Hawaii's chances?" Last time I checked we are the team to beat. Last time I checked we were the team that has won five straight WAC titles. Last time I checked Hawaii always found a way to find themselves in the loss column. So the pressure is purely on them. For we have been in this situation before.

Granted this year's Hawaii team is not the same type of team of the past and they certainly reside in a different caliber of play compared to Idaho, Utah State, or Fresno State, but we are a darn good team and playing our best ball of the year.

The key for us is to continue to maintain our ground game dominance; keep that clock in motion, because if you have been living under a rock or a "van down by the river" for the last couple to eight years you would know that Hawaii throws the ball and does it well. They score a lot on big plays and without using too much time.

Defense just needs to play as solid as they have the last month. Not asking much, just asking them to maintain their level of play against a good team. They must keep the big plays down and look forward to the offense keeping them off the field for extended periods. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

The kicking game will be huge too. To give you a history of this important part of the game, the last two meetings were won and lost because of the kicking game. We didn't win, Hawaii lost. That is "the way" of the kicking game and why it is so important but often forgotten. When both teams play it perfect, it becomes a wash; the game is then won with defense. Special teams will never win you a game, but it will lose you one.

All three parts of this contest must be played at a high performance to come out on top for another WAC championship. Of course, with a little bias, I strongly believe the team will be present in all phases. So what do I think of our chances? I like them.

I am happy to say that I will be present to witness it because this is suiting up to be a good one. Mahalo and have a great holiday.

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