Bart's Blog: Aloha and Mahalo

It was really unfortunate how the Hawaii game turned out. My thoughts put simply are that Hawaii did to us what we have done to them the previous six times. They beat us up physically. It was very surprising to see because that is what BSU football has always been known for. It was something I haven't witnessed since the loss to Louisville in the Liberty Bowl...

I am back. I was on a hiatus, albeit a tropical one that involved beaches, sun, and umbrella drinks for a week. So sorry I have not updated in a while. It was part sun and part disappointment in the game. But I plan on coming back strong and I did have the fortunate chance to hop over to Honolulu for the game.

The vacation was slightly better than the game though. Thankfully the game marked the beginning of the my tropical wonders because if I had to get on a plane for home after observing that performance I would not have had a proper week of work. I think I would be safe to assume that a little body surfing wipes away bad memories of your team better than a day of pencil pushing, or keyboard pounding, or whatever it is that I do.

But my thoughts put simply are that we brought our "C-Game" to an "A-Game" match-up, our knife to a gunfight.

I do want to congratulate the Hawaii team though. They looked good, were physical, and showed some great class by kneeling on the one-yard line to end the game. That is good karma points and will certainly help them as they are going to play a nice looking Georgia team.

It was also nice to see that Hawaii did not blow everything before it started. How bad would that have looked? The two best teams in the WAC lose to one of the worst teams in the PAC-10 in the same season. Way to keep it interesting… I guess.

I know there has been also some talk about going to Hawaii for a bowl game rather staying right here in Boise.

Unfortunately the fans don't get a whole lot of say in the matter and as much as I like to see them play again on the blue, I can understand from a player's standpoint why Hawaii sounds better. Because spending a week getting a tan from the sun instead of a burn from the cold not only feels better but doesn't look too shabby either.

Darn! Only if I didn't spend all that money on my surf lessons, fresh seafood, and fruity drinks last week in Maui. Then maybe I could have been given a little more compatibility from the "budgy" to make another trip.

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