Corral Conversation: George Iloka

George Iloka hadn't even played one season of Safety when the offers began rolling in. At 6'3 198lbs, the physical former WR was a natural for the position, and schools took immediate notice. Interest and offers came from UTEP, TCU, New Mexico, Oklahoma State... but it was at Boise State that he found a home. So how does George feel about that decision now, nearly 6 months later...?

"I'm a Bronco." George Iloka stated at the begining of our conversation. That same devotion wasn't lost on the other schools that tried to get his attention. Bronco fans will be glad to know that once George made his commitment, he stopped talking with all other suitors.

It was that same desire to be a Bronco that led George to only take 1 official visit, even though he could have taken up to four others.

The trip, however, only solidified his desire to play on the famous Blue Turf of Bronco Stadium.

"I loved it, it was great," George said, describing his visit to Boise. "I loved the environment and the coaches, the players were pretty good too."

During his visit, George was hosted by Antwon Murray, a redshirt CB from Florida.

When asked about his favorite memory from his time in Boise, George relayed a very humorous story. When he visited, he happened to end up staying in the same hotel as the New Mexico State football team.

In passing, George and the other recruits who visited came in contact with some of the Aggie players. During their brief conversation, the Aggie players expressed their confidence, "they tried to talk about how they were going to beat Boise State" George stated.

After the end of the game, (Boise State won 58-0), the visiting recruits looked for the Aggie players to, "rub it in their faces", but the Aggie players couldn't be found.

For his season, George was named All-District, All Houston Area, and was a Top-20 Touchdown Club Nominee. Not bad for his first season of playing at the safety position.

About the switch to the other side of the ball, Iloka simply stated that, "I like safety, I get to hit more."

Now, it appears that the hitting could come on the Blue earlier than even anticipated.

"I'm actually trying to graduate early," he explained. "I am supposed to graduate in January." George will find out if his extra work has been successful about January 24th.

Regardless of when George graduates, it appears that he's very happy about his decision, and with the resume that he's put together in such a short time, odds are very good that Bronco fans will be equally happy in short order.

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