Corral Conversations: Darren Koontz

Some players are born to play a certain position. They can play other spots and be very good, but when they find their niche, it's like they've been playing there their entire lives. A year ago Los Al DT Darren Koontz (6'4 260lbs) was an Honorable Mention OLineman for the Griffins. A year, and a position change later, he's the Team Defensive MVP and on his way to Boise State on a full ride..

Boise State has had tremendous success dipping into the talented ranks of the Los Alamitos High School football team, snagging Bronco starters Orlando Scandrick and Jeremy Childs from there recently, so the commitment of Darren Koontz should be something that all Bronco fans should be very happy about.

Darren has started for the Griffins for a couple of years, but it only took one year of playing on the Defensive Line for schools to line up for the talented Defensive Tackle's services. "I played offensive tackle my junior year", he described, "(a)nd then my Senior year I played Offensive tackle and then they moved me to defensive tackle too so I played both ways senior year."

Darren visited Boise State for the record breaking Nevada game, a game that lasted so long the Broncos were probably nearly ready to suit him down.

Darren explained that he went on his official visit not expecting an offer. "I took my official visit to Boise State for the Nevada game", Darren said. "It went really well. They told me a week before that they don't make offers on official visits, so I went up there not expecting it, but they offered me a couple hours before the game. I was pretty excited."

Darren wanted to talk things over with his family, and take some time to consider his options before deciding to commit. At that time he still had an offer from Air Force, and was receiving strong interest from schools like San Diego State and UCLA, among a few others.

Upon returning home, Darren weighed the pro's and con's and decided there was no reason to keep the school that he called his "favorite from the get-go", waiting. He called the Bronco coaches on Wednesday after returning home to commit.

Darren was hosted on his visit by former foe Hunter White. An interesting twist on the visit was that Darren's Los Al team had just played, and defeated Hunter's former team, (Edison, where Hunter's father is a Coach.)

Despite an injury that kept him out of the final 3 games of the season, (a slight MCL strain that required no treatment other than rest), Koontz received All-Conference recognition and was the Griffin's Defensive MVP for the year.

Darren was also recently added to the roster of the All-Star SoCal Bowl where he will join other known Bronco prospects in Andrew Abbot and Ricky Pemasa.

Darren stated that he's also already applied for admission to Boise State, and that he isn't interested in taking any other visits. He's ready to become a Bronco.

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