Corral Conversations: Chris Potter

Chris Potter is one of those guys you'd call a Jack-of-all-Trades. A QB all through youth football, he switched to WR once he got to High School. Then, when his team lost the #1 QB prospect in the nation last year, he seamlessly switches back, and leads them to yet another State Championship, throwing for 21 TD's and rushing for 19 more.. and yet through it all he's remained firm to his word..

Chris Potter committed to Boise State back in June. That might lead some to think that the All-CIF Quarterback might have somehow missed out on the recruiting process. But those that think that obviously have never spoken with the outstanding young man.

Potter attacked his recruitment the same way he attacked the opposition while leading Oaks Christian to yet another CIF Title. Rather than wait for the process to come to him, Potter went out and learned about it first hand while still a junior.

As he watched his friends and teammates go through the process last year, Potter went on some of their recruiting visits, unofficially of course. He visited Pac-10 teams like Oregon, but he also found himself in Indiana, visiting Notre Dame with last year's #1 QB prospect Jimmy Clausen on his very first trip to the Notre Dame campus.

Seeing the process up close prepared him to know when the perfect situation opened for him, and that situation opened with an offer from Boise State.

"Some schools look at your highlight video and offer you based off of that,", explained Potter, "but Boise State said they wanted to get to know the person behind that. They wanted to get to know the person as well as the player, to see if you fit what they're looking for. I respected that immediately."

Chris took his only official visit when Boise State played Wyoming. "I'd visited campus before that, but that was my official visit. I was hosted by Cory Yriarte, who was a guard on our team last year. It was great getting to see him again and see how he's doing up there."

Boise State might have won the lottery with Potters early commitment. While Oaks Christian may have started out the season a little rough, by the middle of the year things were clicking, and by the end they were nearly untouchable, thanks in very large part to Potter.

Quite litreally, Potter never left the field once the game started. He was the leader on offense, yes, but he also led the team with 8 intereceptions, nearly replacing each INT he threw, (9 total), with an INT the other way.

He also was an outstanding Punt returner, and when he wasn't leaping tall buildings in a single bound or wrestling with locomotives, he found time to kick a few extra points when their kicker was unavailable.

Oaks Christian's succes was a direct result of Potter's leadership and play, and that success brought interest from a number of schools, but Chris had one easy message for the schools that contacted him. "I'm a Bronco, 100% solid" Chris proudly stated. "I can't wait to get up there and be a Bronco."

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