Corral Conversations: Joe Kellogg

BroncoCountry catches up Joe Kellogg (6'4 290lbs) to check in with the big Arizona Offensive Lineman, fresh off an undefeated season and a 2nd consecutive Arizona State Championship. As letter of intent day approaches, will his letter still be addressed to Boise State?

Joe Kellogg, (6'4 290lb), has continued to garner recruiting interest, even after his commitment to Boise State, but to Kellogg, the process is over.

"Yeah, I still get some calls, but I'm not interested. I'm a Bronco."

"Some schools tell you what you want to hear", Kellog explained, "(o)r what you think they want you to hear. They'll lie to try to get you to pick them. Boise State was honest with me from the get go."

Kellogg recounted his official visit to Boise State with enthusiasm. "I visited Boise State for the SJSU game, I think it was, whoever it was we smacked them around pretty good. I loved my trip to Boise State, the fans were some of hte most enthusiastic that I've seen, and I've been to quite a few College games."

Usually, the Oline are a bunch of no-name guys, nobody knows who they are, they're anonymous out there, but in Boise, everybody knew their names. It was crazy."

Kellogg was recruited by fellow native Arizonian, Offensive Line Coach Scott Huff, which worked out great for him.

"I was recruited by Offensive Line Coach Scott Huff, he's from Arizona too. I really liked him and I can tell that I'll learn a lot with him as my coach."

Joe was hosted on his trip by Nate Potter, but said that while they hit if off, it was the whole team that really made the impression on him. "The whole team was just great."

Boise State should feel right at home for Kellogg. His high school team ended the season undefeated State Champions, going a perfect 14-0. Kellogg, was a mainstay on the OLine, playing guard on offense, and nose tackle on defense.

Joe stated that he was recruited by Colorado, Colorado State, Arizona, Arizona State, UNLV, and many others. But once he decided on Boise State, he was done. "I'm solid, and I'm excited to be a Bronco."

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