Larry & Nelson One Of Top Two Duos In Nation

Some college basketball teams feature two great scorers, others have two great rebounders on the same team. Boise State is one of only two teams in the nation with the same two players ranking in the top 35 duos in both scoring and rebounding. Reggie Larry and Matt Nelson are the dynamic duo averaging 34.6 points and 16.5 rebounds per game.

Boise State forwards Reggie Larry and Matt  Nelson are one of only two duos in the nation to rank in the top 35 in both scoring and rebounding.  Larry (19.2) and Nelson (15.4) rank as the 32nd best scoring duo in the country through games last night, a combined 34.6 points per game between them.  They are also the #11 rebounding duo in the nation as Larry is averaging 9.1 and Nelson 7.4.


Rider's Jason Thompson and Ryan Thompson are the only other duo to accomplish this feat.  They are the third best rebounding duo in the nation and rank 29th in scoring.  Jason is averaging 20.1 points and 11.8 rebounds while Ryan averages 15.0 points and 6.3 rebounds per contest.


Larry and Nelson have led Boise State to a 19-6 record and first place in the Western Athletic Conference with a 10-3 league mark.  The Broncos are just one win away from being the seventh Boise State team to win 20 games.  Boise State hosts Cal State-Fullerton Wednesday night at Taco Bell Arena, followed by a Saturday night clash with Siena in ESPN's "Bracket Buster" game, also at TBA.



Top Rebounding Duos Among All Players:


 1.   Kansas State--19.3 (Michael Beasley--12.6, Bill Walker--6.7)

 2.   Notre Dame--18.2 (Luke Harangody--10.4, Rob Kurz--7.8)

 3.   Memphis--18.1 (Joey Dorsey--10.7, Robert Dozier--7.4)

 3.   Rider--18.1 (Jason Thompson--11.8, Ryan Thompson--6.3)

 5.   California--17.8 (Ryan Anderson--10.2, Devon Hardin 7.6)

 6.   Indiana--17.6 (D.J. White--10.2, Jamarcus Ellis--7.4)

 7.   Ohio--17.3 (Leon Williams (10.2, Jerome Tillman--7.1)

 7.  Tennessee Tech--17.3 (Daniel Northern--9.0, Amadi McKenzie--8.3)

 7.   St. Mary's--17.0 (Diamon Simpson--9.1, Omar Samhan--7.9)

10.  Syracuse--16.6 (Paul Harris--8.7, Arinza Onuaku--7.9)

11.  Boise State--16.5 (Reggie Larry--9.1, Matt Nelson--7.4)

12.  High Point--16.3 (Arizona Reid--11.2, Cruz Daniels--5.1)

13.  Pittsburgh--16.1 (DeJuan Blair--9.4, Sam Young--6.7)

13.  Connecticut--16.1 (Jeff Adrien--9.2, Hasheem Thabeet--7.7)

13.  Tennessee-Martin--16.1 (Gerald Robinson--8.3, Lester Hudson--7.8)

13.  Grambling--16.1 (Anthony Williams--8.7, Jamal Breaux--7.4)

17.  Texas--16.0 (Damion James--10.6, Connor Atchley--5.4)

18.  Louisville--15.9 (Earl Clark--8.2, Terrence Williams--7.7)

19.  Niagara--15.6 (Charron Fisher--9.1, Benson Egemonye--6.5)

20.  Mississippi State--15.2 (Jarvis Varnado--7.9, Charles Rhodes--7.3)



Top Scoring Duos:

  1. Niagara—44.7 (Charron Fisher—28.2, Tyrone Lewis—16.5)
  2. VMI—44.2 (Reggie Williams—27.1, Chavis and Travis Holmes, 17.1 each)
  3. Tennessee-Martin—42.2 (Lester Hudson—25.8, Marquis Weddle—16.4)
  4. Kansas State—42.1 (Michael Beasley (25.7, Bill Walker--16.4)
  5. North Dakota State—40.2 (Ben Woodside—21.1, Brett Wakelman—19.1)
  6. Fairleigh Dickinson—39.6 (Manny Ubilla—21.1, Sean Baptiste—18.5)
  7. North Carolina—39.4 (Tyler Hansbrough—22.8, Wayne Ellington—16.6)
  8. Massachusetts—39.2 (Gary Forbes—20.4, Ricky Harris—18.2)
  9. Indiana—38.8 (Eric Gordon—21.7, R.J. White—17.1)
  10. Arizona—38.6 (Jerryd Bayless—21.1, Chase Budinger—17.5)
  11. California—38.3 (Ryan Anderson—22.0, Patrick Christopher—16.3)
  12. Davison—38.0 (Stephen Curry—25.6, Jason Richards—12.4)

12. Chicago State—38.0 (David Holston—22.8, John Cantrell—15.2)

  1. New Orleans—37.4 (Bo McCalebb—23.7, Kyndall Dykes—13.7)
  2. Hofstra—37.2 (Antoine Agudio—22.6, Charles Jenkins—14.6)

15. Vermont—37.2 (Marqus Blakely—19.0, Mike Timboli—18.2)

  1. Vanderbilt—37.1 (Shan Foster—18.9, A.J. Oglivy—17.2)
  2. High Point—36.4 (Arizona Reid—23.4, Mike Jefferson—13.0)
  1. Temple—36.4 (Dionte Christmas—20.2, Mark Tyndale—16.2)

18. UTEP—36.4 (Stefen Jackson—23.4, Randy Culpepper—13.0)

21. Texas—36.3 (D.J. Augustin (18.8, A.J.. Abrams—17.5)

22. Cal State-Fullerton—36.2 (Josh Akognon—20.0, Frank Robinson—16.2)

23. Mercer—36.0 (James Florence—19.8, Shaddean Aaron—16.2)

  1. Notre Dame—35.8 (Luke Harangody—20.8, Kyle McAlarney—15.0)
  2. Navy—35.4 (Greg Sprink—21.2, Chris Harris—14.2)
  3. UAB—35.3 (Robert Vaden—21.1, Walter Sharpe—14.2)

26. Utah State—35.3 (Jaycee Carroll—22.0, Gary Wilkinson—13.3)

  1.  South Carolina 35.2 (Devon Downey—19.8, Zam Fredrick—15.4)
  2. Rider—35.1 (Jason Thompson—20.1, Ryan Thompson—15.0)
  3. Syracuse—34.9 (Donte Greene—17.8, Eric Devendorf—17.0)
  4. San Francisco—34.8 (Dior Lowhorn—20.8, Manny Quozada—14.0)
  5. Boise State—34.6 (Reggie Larry—19.2, Matt Nelson—15.4)

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