Broncos Record Another Historic Feat

Boise State is now one of just 14 schools since 1980 to gain access to the elusive 10-20 Club twice. The Bronco basketball team collected its 20th win of the season last night, just three months after the Bronco football team won its 10th regular season game.

With an 81-56 thrashing of Cal State-Bakersfield last night in Taco Bell Arena, Boise State became just the 14th school since 1980 to be a member of the "10-20 Club" twice.  To gain access to the exclusive club, a school must win 10 or more regular season football games, followed by 20 or more regular season basketball wins that same school year.  Boise State achieved this feat despite only playing in Division I-A football since 1996.


Last fall, the Bronco football team was 10-2 during the regular season, doing their part to make it happen.  The basketball team completed its mission with its 20th victory of the season last night. 


Boise State achieved the feat in 2003-04, going 12-1 in football and 20-8 in basketball.  The Broncos joined Texas as the only two schools to enter the club that year.  The feat has been accomplished 35 times since 1996, the year Boise State began playing football in I-A, and only six schools have done it twice in that time.  The Broncos, of course, won 10 or more games several times from 1980-1995, but those victories came as part of Division I-AA.


Oklahoma, BYU, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, Florida State, North Carolina, Michigan, Notre Dame, Louisville, West Virginia, Ohio State and Wisconsin are the only other 13 schools to gain access to the 10-20 club twice since 1980. 


Texas and Oklahoma are masters at accomplishing the milestone.  The Sooners have reached the plateau four times since 1996 and seven since 1980, while Texas has also achieved the feat four times since 1996 and five since 1980.  Florida State, Michigan and BYU have reached the 10-20 club three times.  


In all, the 10-20 milestone has been reached just 38 times since 1996 and 64 times since 1980, or a little more than two times per year.  The Broncos also have a chance to make an even tougher group in the 10-20-20 Club, which would make them just the 20th school since 1980 to gain access.  That more elusive club also requires 20 wins by the women's basketball team.  Currently the Lady Broncos have 19 wins with at least five more games to play.


Here is a complete list of the members of the 10-20 Club:



BYU (WAC—11-1 in Football, 22-6 in Basketball)

North Carolina (ACC—10-1 and 22-7)









Illinois (Big 10—10-1 and 24-4)

SMU (Southwest—10-1 and 24-6)



UNLV (WAC—10-2 and 24-3)

Washington (Pac-10—10-1 and 22-9)



Iowa (Big 10—10-1 and 20-11)

Oklahoma (Big 12—10-1 and 24-7)



Oklahoma (Big 12—10-1 and 21-8)



Oklahoma (Big 12—11-0 and 27-3)

Syracuse (Independent—11-0 and 22-8)

Wyoming (WAC—10-2 and 23-5)



Arkansas (Southwest—10-1 and 21-6)

Florida State (Independent—10-1 and 22-7)

Notre Dame (Independent—11-0 and 20-8)

UTEP (WAC—10-2 and 22-6)



Alabama (SEC—10-1 and 21-8)

Arkansas (Southwest—10-1 and 23-4)

BYU (WAC—10-2 and 21-7)

Michigan (Big 10—10-1 and 22-7)



Texas (Southwest—10-1 and 20-7)



Alabama (SEC—10-1 and 23-7)

Michigan (Big 10—10-1 and 20-8)



Florida State (ACC—10-1 and 22-8)



Florida State (ACC—11-1 and 22-8)

North Carolina (ACC—10-2 and 25-3)












Colorado State (WAC—10-2 and 20-7)

Michigan (Big 10—11-0 and 21-8)

North Carolina (ACC—10-1 and 25-3)



Arizona (Pac-10—11-1 and 22-6)

Ohio State (Big 10—10-1 and 22-7)

Tennessee (SEC—11-0 and 20-7)

UCLA (Pac-10—10-1 and 22-8)

Wisconsin (Big 10—10-1 and 21-8)






Oklahoma (Big 12—11-0 and 23-6)

Toledo (MAC—10-1 and 20-9)



Miami of Florida (Big East—11-0 and 23-6)

Illinois (Big 10—10-1 and 23-7)

Maryland (ACC—10-1 and 25-3)

Oregon (Pac-10—10-1 and 22-7)

Oklahoma (Big 12—10-2 and 24-4)



Notre Dame (Big East—10-2 and 22-8)

Oklahoma (Big 12—10-2 and 21-6)

Texas (Big 12—10-2 and 22-5)



Boise State (WAC—12-1 and 20-8)

Texas (Big 12—10-2 and 21-6)



Louisville (Conference USA—10-1 and 27-3)

Oklahoma (Big 12—11-0 and 23-6)

Texas (Big 12—10-1 and 20-9)

Utah (MWC—11-0 and 25-4)



LSU (SEC—10-1 and 22-7)

Texas (Big 12—11-0 and 27-5)

West Virginia (Big East—10-1 and 20-9)



BYU (MWC—10-2 and 23-7)

Florida (SEC—11-1 and 26-5)

Louisville (Big East—11-1 and 22-8)

Michigan (Big 10—11-1 and 20-11)

Notre Dame (Big East—10-2 and 23-6)

Ohio State (Big 10—12-0 and 27-3)

USC (Pac-10—10-2 and 21-10)

Virginia Tech (ACC—10-2 and 20-10)

West Virginia (Big East—10-2 and 21-8)

Wisconsin (Big 10—11-1 and 27-4)



Boise State (WAC—10-2 and 20-6 & counting)

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