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Boise State has made a living off finding overlooked gems and turning them from unknown walkons into starters, all conference players, and in more than one occasion, NFL players. Matt Paradis fits that profile as well as any in recent history. From small town Idaho, he has domianted and overachieved.. now he plans to move to a much larger stage to try to forge his own Boise State legend...

Matt Paradis Player Profile

Council (Idaho) native Matt Paradis has grown up in an Idaho Vandal town.

So naturally, Paradis will continue his football career at Boise State.

"Most of the people in my town are all U of I fans, but I kind of went for Boise State," said Paradis. "I live pretty close to Boise, and I went to their camps and talked with some of their coaches, and they want me to walk on."

Paradis is still rehabbing a torn ACL that he suffered last fall, so he'll delay his enrollment at Boise State.

"I'm going to greyshirt and start in 2009 because I'm still rehabbing my knee," said Paradis. "But I hope I have the chance to earn a scholarship."

What position Paradis plays is still up in the air.

"I actually don't know what position I'll play," said Paradis. "I played defensive tackle and offensive guard so I imagine it will be on the offensive or defensive line."

During the summer, at the Boise State camp, that was when Paradis started laying the groundwork to continue his career in Boise.

"I got to talk with the defensive line coach and Coach (Chris) Petersen and he seemed like he was encouraged that I would come in. Right after their season, I started talking with them more, and in mid-January we decided on it," said Paradis.

When Paradis starts at Boise State, he'll be one of the few to come from Council and play for the Broncos.

"Our town has like 800 people from it, so we haven't had a lot of guys from here," said Paradis. "We had a few guys who could have a couple of years ago."

Paradis will instead, spend the fall preparing for his enrollment at Boise State while continuing to bring the knee back to health.

"I want to play football so I'll be ready to go next spring," said Paradis.

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