Boise State Favored In Pac-10 Championships

Coach Greg Randall has the Boise State wrestling team ready for this weekend's Pac-10 Championships in Eugene. The Broncos won ten dual meets this season and have three wrestlers ranked #1 in the league heading into the championships.

Boise State is the overwhelming favorite to return the Pac-10 wrestling championship back to Boise.  The Broncos are estimated to score 131.5 points, far outdistancing runners-up Cal State-Fullerton, who has 95.5.  The Pac-10 Championships are set for Sunday and Monday in Eugene, Oregon.


The projections are based on two assumptions.  First, the go strictly by the Pac-10 wrestling rankings that are shown at the conclusion of this article.  Second, points are allocated to each unofficial seed based on the average points scored by the actual finisher in that position in the 2007 Pac-10 Championships.  Obviously, points can change based on pins, major decisions, etc, but the actual point total should not be much different when compared over ten weight classifications.


In 2007, the Pac-10 champion scored an average of 17 points for their team.  Second place earned an average of 15, third place 12.5, fourth place 11.5 and fifth and sixth places scored an average of five points each.


Traditional powerhouse Arizona State comes in third in the projections with 79 points, followed by Cal Poly with 78, Stanford with 68.5, Oregon State with 66.5, Cal State-Bakersfield with 51.5, Cal-Davis with 29 and Portland State with 10.


Nate Lee at 174 pounds, Kirk Smith at 184 pounds and Nick Smith at 285 pounds are all ranked #1 in the Pac-10 for the Broncos.  Cory Fish is ranked #2 at 133 pounds, Tyler Sherfey is #3 at 157 while Levi Jones (184 pounds). Kurt Swartz (141 pounds) and Matt Casperson (197 pounds) are all ranked fourth in the league.


Actual seedings for the tournament will be announced tomorrow. 

125 Pounds
Tanner Gardner (#6), Stanford, Sr.
Anthoney Robles (#14), ASU, Fr.
Brandon Zoeteway, CS Bakersfield., Jr.
Marcos Orozco, UC Davis, Jr.
Micah Ferguson, Cal Poly, Sr.
Joey Lucas, Oregon, Sr.
Jake Gonzales, OSU, Jr.
Andre Gonzales, CS Fullerton, Fr.
Alan Bartelli, Boise State, Fr.

133 Pounds
TJ Dillashaw (#15), CS Fullerton, Jr.
Cory Fish, Boise State, Jr.
Todd Schavrein, ASU, Fr.
Ryan Dunn, Oregon, Jr.
Boris Novachkov, Cal Poly, Fr.
Thomas Kimbrell, CS Bakersfield, Jr.
Francisco Manriquez, UC Davis, Sr.
Porfiro Madrigal, Stanford, Fr.
Clifton Ivanoff Or State, So.

141 Pounds
Chad Mendes (#1), Cal Poly, Sr.
Teddy Astorga, CS Fullerton, Jr.
Elijha Nacita, CS Bakersfield, Fr.
Levi Jones, Boise State, So.
Heinrich Barnes, OSU, Jr.
Chris Droin, ASU, Fr.
Nexi Delgado, UC Davis, Jr.
Cody Moulton, Oregon, Jr.
Max Rosefigura, Stanford, Fr.
Camrun Arkills, PSU, Fr.

149 Pounds
Morgan Atkinson (#10), CS Full., Sr.
Adam Hall (#11), BSU, Fr.
Kyle Larson, OSU, Sr.
Eric Maldonado, Cal Poly, So.
Lucas Espericueta, Stanford, Fr.
Jereny Doyle, CS
Bakersfield, Sr.
Barrett Able, UC Davis, So.
Elliott Tracy,
Oregon, Sr.
Orlando Jimenez, ASU, Fr.
Greg Einerson, PSU, Fr.

157 Pounds
Chase Pami (#13), Cal Poly, So.
Josh Zupancic (#10), Stanford, Sr.
Tyler Sherfey (#12), Boise State, Jr.
Kyle Bounds, Oregon, So.
Dan Bracetta, OSU, So.
Devin Velasquez, CS Fullerton, Fr.
Kyle Dubs, UC Davis, So.
Alex Pavlenko, ASU, Jr.
Steven Dailey, PSU, Fr.
Trevor Hall, CS
Bakersfield, Fr.

165 Pounds
Pat Pitsch, ASU, Sr.
Kurt Swartz (#16),
Boise State, So.
Ryan Williams, Cal Poly, Jr.
Daniel Atondo, CS Bakersfield, Sr.
Zack Frazier, Oregon, Fr.
Keegan Davis, OSU, Fr.
Teddy Bristol, CS Fullerton, Fr.
Kyle Barrett, Stanford, Fr.
Brady Garner, PSU, Fr.
Dustin Noack UCD

174 Pounds
Nate Lee, Boise State, So.
Luke Feist, Stanford, Jr.
Tyler Bernacchi, UC
Davis, Jr.
Chris Platt, OSU, Fr.
Dale Seley, PSU, Sr.
Ron Lee,
Oregon, So.
Todd Noel, CS Fullerton, Fr.
Michael Williams, Cal Poly, Jr.
Rick Renzi, ASU, Jr.
Daniel Alejandro, CS Bakersfield, Sr.

184 Pounds
Kirk Smith (#9), BSU, Fr.
Ian Murphy (#11), CS Fullerton, Sr.
Brent Chriswell (#14), ASU, Fr.
Zack Giesen, Stanford, So.
Jacob Antoine, PSU, Jr.
Ernie Varela, Cal Poly, Fr.
Jeff Prentice, UC Davis, Jr.
Jason Points, CS Bakersfield, Jr.
Neal Beaudry, OSU, Sr.
Marcus Meyer, Oregon, Jr.

197 Pounds
Jason Trulson, ASU, Sr.
John Drake, CS Fullerton, So.
Kyle Bressler, OSU, Jr.
Matt Casperson,
Boise State, So.
Jake Johnson, Stanford, So.
Arturo Basulto, Cal Poly, Sr.
Abraham Otrambo, UC Davis, Fr.
Shaun Dee, Oregon, Jr.
Rockland Schneider, PSU, Fr.
Riley Orozco, CS Bakersfield, Sr.

285 Pounds
Nick Smith, Boise State, Jr.
Travis Gardner, OSU, Sr.
Charlie Alexander, Oregon, Fr.
Kurt Klimek, CS Fullerton
Ryan Bergman, CS Bakersfield, Jr.
Ricky Alcala, UC Davis, Fr.
Kenny Lester, ASU, Fr.
Jim Powers, Cal Poly, Fr.
Phillip Doerner, Stanford, Sr.
Zach Smith, PSU, So.

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