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Whenever you want to get the straight scoop on a recruit, you can always count on their Head Coach to give you the most accurate overview of their abilities. That's why Boise State fans should be ecstatic after's recent conversation with Terry Summerfield, head coach at Sam Barlow High in Gresham Oregon, home to Boise State's latest commit, RB Malcolm Johnson.

It became clear from the beginning of the conversation that Coach Summerfield is one of Johnson's biggest fans.  "Where do you want me to start off?"  he began, "He's a great kid, good student, 3.4-3.5 GPA, great family, very stable, they're just wonderful people and a great family atmosphere."

However, it was when the conversation turned to his on the field attributes that Coach Summerfield seemed to run out of superlatives for describing his star.  "He's a tough kid, amazing skills, unbelievable athleticism in the area of a running back, tremendous vision.. I guess if there is something that I can let anybody know what he does so well it's just balance and vision.  Probably the best vision and balance of any running back that I've ever coached."

 You'd think that was enough of a description of Malcolm's ability, but then came the show-stopper.  

"I've seen Malcolm do some things that are just flat out.. that people just can't do."

It's praise like that, from a coach that has placed players in colleges around the country that should have the fans in Boise counting the days until Johnson steps onto the blue.

Malcolm measures in around 6'0 to 6'1 and weight around 185lbs right now, but he has a frame that his coach believes can pack on more muscle while still getting faster.  "Malcolm is going to weigh around 195 by the start of his Senior season, and he's at a 11.0-10.9 100 yard dash" his Coach stated.  A very stable running back, Johnson has been a workhorse for Sam Barlow High, routinely carrying the ball for over 30 carries each game.

Not just a phenomenally talented natural athlete, Johnson is a tenacious worker who goes all out in both the classroom, (as evidenced by his GPA), and in the gym.  Some of the training stuff he does is just unbelievable," Coach Summerfield said, "(H)e can be in a full lunge with the ball high and tight up into his armpit on boxes 2-feet off the ground, jump into the air, exchange legs, land in a full lunge, exchange the football from one hand to the other, and not have a second of being off balance.  Perfectly balanced.

It's that combination of size, speed, and uncanny balance that Boise State has coveted since first seeing him in action on the Blue when Sam Barlow HS attended the Boise State Football camp. However, the love affair was hardly one-sided, as his time at the camps obviously had a big impression on the star RB as well.  "Malcolm loves Boise, he really does.  He enjoys it every year that we go there, it's a real diamond in the rough."  

"The key is," Coach Summerfield described, "going to Boise, I think it provides him with a great opportunity to be a running back.  It's big time in Boise, it's a 1-town deal, whereas if he goes somewhere else there's pro teams and such, but in Boise, you're it.  It's division 1 and they play great football, but it's at a level where he can really showcase his ability early. He's a zone kind of kid, so he'll fit perfectly into a any college system. If we went to the Oregon camp, or the Oregon State camp, I think they'd offer him on the spot, he's that good of a running back."  

But Boise State fans can take heart, Coach Summerfield said that despite being invited to half day camps at Oregon State and Oregon Malcolm said that he now had no intention of attending them, telling his coach that, he simply didn't want to go to them now. That commitment to Boise State may be strong from Malcolm, but that doesn't mean that the Pac-10 will give up so easily.  The leading rusher in the State of Oregon last season was fielding lots of interest from various Pac-10 teams, and with good reason according to his coach.  "I think he can play at the Pac-10 level, I really do," he explained, "(H)e has increased his speed every year with track, and will probably be a 10.9, 10.8 kid this season. Coach Summerfield went so far as to say that he expects Oregon and Washington to keep in touch with Johnson, despite his commitment.

But Bronco fans can take heart in the fact that Malcolm is not the prototypical star athlete out there just for the notoriety and press clippings, "He is one of the most humble kids I've ever met," Coach Summerfield said, "(H)e's embarrassed at some of this stuff.

Hopefully for Malcolm, he can overcome the embarrassment, because it doesn't appear that the attention and awards are going to be stopping anytime soon.

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