Bart's Blog: Moore might be more.

And without further ado let the games begin. Not to be confused with the Olympic "Games." No, I am reveling in one game, my favorite… College football and specifically the action played on Lyle Smith field. Now equipped with new Blue, a new and much needed Stueckle Skybox, and a new QB, the fortunes of Bronco football appear to be filled with excitement, and needless to say I could not be happier.

And I am happy about the new QB regardless of who it was because I know the coaches are going to put the player behind center that gives the team the best chance to win. And it was a tough decision. Guaranteed. And in no way is that a bad problem to have. The unfortunate thing about the quarterback position is there is only one. Often, it doesn't fit into the cards to find room for another to play. The QB is not like the running back or any defensive positions, which sees a rotation in many game situations. This is also the reason why the QB garners so much attention. A lot of the strengths of the offense run through it and is glaringly obvious when things aren't as smooth as they should be.

So I am on board with the Coach's opinion to choose the Freshman Kellen Moore as the starting quarterback. Then again, I would also have been on board if the decision went to Senior Bush Hamdan. And then again, I would have accepted the decision if Ian Johnson was behind center. Yes, Ian Johnson. Absolutely.

Of course, Ian behind center is more of a fantasy than the NFL squad I just drafted but my point is that if Ian put the team in a position to win then the coaches would do it and I trust their decisions. Not because I am complete homer, but because I am not the one in the locker room, practice, weight room, and film room. I am not in the midst of what goes on between plays, in the huddle, on the sideline, and even outside of the confines of the field. So as much as I could possibly critique the actions of the quarterbacks on the field I could not and would not have a definite answer, nor would those coaches take my thoughts into account anyway.

Therefore I couldn't tell you what is going through the young QB's mind. Just like being sacked for the first time, maybe it hasn't hit him yet. Maybe he hasn't had time to reflect on the potential productivity that will be expected at his position. I can't paint the picture of his thoughts in the locker room during pre-game. I can only speculate that all that emotion will hit him hard in the gut when he runs out to the huddle for the first time in front of the biggest crowd to see a Bronco football game.

Right now, all I know is that Moore will be playing and I will critique just like the rest of the eyes in and around the field. About the only advice I can throw his way is to remind him that he has help. Lots of it. The talent at the skilled positions is deep and all he has to do is put the ball in the right place. Let them make him look good.

The Idaho State game should be a great opportunity to ease himself into college football in Boise. His biggest test is Autzen Stadium in Eugene, preceded by an idle week. Maybe Moore will take some time to think about his potential mark on BSU football during that time. Then again, probably not.

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