Did Bronco Fans Get What They Wanted?

This is the first edition of what we hope to be a weekly feature following each Bronco football game this fall. Prior to the Idaho State game, we asked BroncoCountry posters what they were looking for in the Broncos' performance against the Bengals. How did Boise State do?

Prior to the Idaho State game, I asked BroncoCountry posters what they were looking for.

Spudrunners wanted no turnovers, cohesiveness and a lack of mental mistakes.  The two Young fumbles negated that wish, but by and large the cohesiveness was there with very few mental mistakes for an opening game.  "I want to see our young guys, Baker, Tevis, and Thompson, make some plays to get some confidence," spudrunners said.  Baker wasn't a huge factor, but Tevis and Thompson were outstanding.


Soupslam looked for "1) the offensive line to get a good push and establish a solid running game, 2) the d-line and LB's to stop the run game cold, 3) the d-line to get good solid pressure on the QB and 4) no injuries".  The rushing yards eventually piled up, but the push was not there consistently.  The defensive line did stop the Bengals cold at times, especially on the nice goal line stand, but again, not consistently.  The pressure on Hill was good but could have been better.  Unfortunately, there was the injury to Gingg and the minor dings to Martin.  Both should be OK.


Forseyfan11 was looking at the special teams.  "I want special teams to explode.  With Avery, Martin, Perretta, Young, IJ, there is just way too much football talent for our special teams to not be amazing this year.  I want a return for a TD, a blocked kick, etc."  There was the blocked kick by Ian but also the Young fumble.  I also don't think Young and Perretta shot through the openings in the Bengal punt return defense quick enough—we could have seen some 40 or 50-yard returns had they done that.


Forseyfan also wanted Ian to enjoy a big start to his senior season.  IJ finished with 87 yards and a short touchdown but against Idaho State, I don't think it was vintage IJ.  Hopefully he will rise to the top in two big games ahead.  Forseyfan also was rooting for Moore to have a good game and gain some experience, which I believe Kellen passed with flying colors.


BroncoFan78 just wanted to "SEE the offensive line…so I can feel better about it when I sleep at night."  Well after game one, BroncoFan might get eight hours of sleep, but might toss and turn a bit and perhaps even sit up and stare once during the night.  They had their moments, but had trouble opening consistent holes against a Football Championship Series team.


FirstdownBSU was looking for negative Bengal rushing yards in the first half.  The d-line was too inconsistent and the linebackers were out of position enough to make that happen. 


OldBSUBlue was hoping for "a more open offense than what we saw the first three games of last season."  With the no-huddle and Moore's execution, I think the Broncos hit it out of the park there.  He was also looking at "a more solid pass rush, forced turnovers, ball stripping and picks, the o-line playing better than last season, and better runbacks on kickoff and punt returns".  The pass rush was there when the Broncos got after it, although I thought they could have been more consistent in obvious passing downs.  There were no interceptions with the exception of the one called back, and not a lot of strips either.  The runbacks weren't near as good as they should have been on punt returns.  The Bengals only had two kickoffs to gauge those and they were both out of the end zone.


Statueleftbronco called for "Total DOMINATION on both sides of the ball and special teams."  "Anything less," he said, "would e disappointing against a mediocre Big Sky team."  I would term last night's performance as impressive, but not total domination.  His point that it was against a mediocre Big Sky team is well taken.  The critiques offered here and on the Blue Turf board point not in the direction of the outcome or the performance but rather to that performance against the caliber of opponent.


Erebus was hoping for "execution of assignments…plain and simple."  That statement really breaks it down into the basic game play.  Everything else takes care of itself.  Overall, I think it was there.  There weren't huge mental mistakes, and a minimum of penalties for the first game.  The linebackers fell back into getting out of position at times and when they did that, the Bengals exploited it.  The offensive line didn't get the push that we talked about earlier, but didn't make big mistakes either.


Footballfreakyfan was hoping for three turnovers and Kellen to perform well but most of all "for Boise State to dominate the line of scrimmage both offensively and defensively."  No, Yes and no for footballfreakyfan.


Broncopotamus, meanwhile, put his faith in "the mainline dancers".  Bronco fans are never disappointed there!


In summary, the Broncos of this fall went a long way in satisfying the wishes of Bronco fans and answering questions of the summer.  They did not get there 100% but after all, it's the first game.  I hope to make this a weekly feature before each game so look for it on the Blue Turf board.  I'll take your pre-game notes and publish the results following each game this fall.




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