Bart's Blog: Kick Falcon @&$%

Seemingly a dirty mouth I know. As a kid, Pop Warner days, getting ready to play a Falcon team, our coach had us fired up by chanting this statement. I can remember it well, felt so embarrassed at first like "are we really getting away with this?" it seemed pretty silly, but I realized later that it was justified because we were in football pads, and that's what needs to be present on the Blue..

"Kick Falcon @&$%".. "Kick Falcon @&$%".. Silly as that connotation might sound, that is the kind of attitude that needs to be present at this game.

This Bowling Green team has some talent, no question about it. Their defense has some of the best tacklers in the nation lead by Griggs the sack leader and their offense is just as silly as ours. Not silly "Ha Ha" but silly as they use many formation changes and disguises.

I see our biggest challenge being in the run game. Both sides of the ball. As for defense, look out for those crazy formation shifts. This Bowling Green team likes to do it and to it often. Even more so than us. And if last game's run stoppage efforts are any indication for this week's, then we might be in for a long night.

I strongly believe the opportunity is there to throw and if Moore can be as cool and collective as he already seems to be then we should be fine. Childs is back and Toshi Franklin is looking to get in the mix. Use those easy dump passes, get the ball in their hands, and let them do what they do. But there is an "if" factor. We can get yardage throwing only if we get ourselves in a position to balance the plan with a strong run game. Last time I checked we have some players with running skills. Let's hope for blocking skills.

With a solid team to line up against, the game should be a great test for the big one in Autzen Stadium next week. The old football standard of ball security is an obvious no brainer but this game is especially important. With five turnovers by this Bowling Green in their game against Minnesota last week, it tells me they are prone to coughing it up, especially in tight situations. If it wasn't for their defense the game would have been a lot worse.

So in summary… block Griggs, run like hell, and cause turnovers. Simple, right?

Just in case, you can use my old fire up technique… "Kick Falcon #$@!"

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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