Boise State Delivers in Win over Ducks

I asked BroncoCountry fans some of their keys to the game with the Oregon Ducks, or a "wish list" if you will. By and large, the Broncos came through with flying colors and above all, came out with an impressive win.

First off, let me say that Boise State fans got what they wanted in the Oregon game.  The game might not have turned out the way they thought when you get into specifics, but the end result was something that made all Bronco fans happy.


BroncoCountry posters were asked prior to the game to list some specific areas that they would like to use for comparison in the game as to if the Broncos satisfied that wish list.  Here are the factors they were looking for and how the Broncos compared in each area:


Upbronco was hoping for 140 rushing yards from Ian Johnson (not even close), Moore with three touchdown passes and no interceptions, the defense to play "lights out football" and the special teams to roll.  Moore, as the national player of the week, was simply sensational.  Given that IJ was a non-factor, Moore had to have a coming-out party of major proportions and he did that.  Anything short of what he accomplished and the Broncos do not win.  His only interception came on a ball tipped at the line of scrimmage.  So Upbronco definitely got that key to the game.  The defense pretty much lived up to that definition for the first part of the game but not at all in the fourth quarter.  Had they continued to play Oregon tough, this wouldn't have been a contest.  And unfortunately, the special teams did not delight.  It was the Oregon players who got the big returns.  Still, Kyle Brotzman hit three field goals, all his extra points, and made a touchdown-saving tackle on one return.


Samandeddie was looking for the Bronco defense to play solid, including hard hits.  Their hits were so hard that the Oregon fans complained afterwards.  He too was looking for a 200-yard passing game from Kellen with two scores and wanted IJ to put together a "monster game—150 yards rushing".  The run blocking was horrible—if this line was able to run block this Bronco team would be scary good.


HannifinCigar was also looking for KM to throw for 200 and two TD's—bingo.  Hannifin was hoping for a huge red zone pick and four sacks.  Wilson got the nice interception near the goal line (as well as another one) but the sacks didn't quite add up. 


Cajunbronco was hoping the offensive line would provide good protection for Moore, which turned out as pretty outstanding given the level of opposition.  He was also looking for the defense to stop the Oregon running game and to see the defensive tackles "get ‘er done!"  The Bronco defense really showed the bend but don't break attitude.  They allowed a lot of rushing yards but toughened up around the red zone.  Further, the Bronco d-tackles continue to make good progress.


Jojobro had quite a list of keys to the game:


  1. KM continues his interception-free streak.  No more than 30 attempts and at least four 20 +-yard completions.  There was the unfortunate tipped interception, and even though Moore passed more than 30 times, I think jojo would agree that this turned out to be OK anyway.  I don't have the total of 20-yard completions, but it had to be more than four.


  1. Childs and Young to run crisp, efficient routes.  Put another check mark for this one.


  1. Brockel to be lights out in picking up the blitz packages, with the o-line maintaining their assignments.  Limit the Ducks to two or three sacks, and that'll be a fine accomplishment.  Not only did Brockel pick up most of the blitzes, but he was a huge factor both running and receiving.  I remember one Duck sack, a statistic Bronco fans have to be elated about. 


  1. Mental toughness for the offensive line.  No false starts.  By and large, they accomplished this, although they had at least one false start that I remember.


  1. Winn to have a breakout performance, and Winterswyk, Williams and Root to cause some disruption when the Ducks to pass.  Winn continues to make progress, but probably not the breakout day that jojo wanted.  Williams was great, especially in crunch time.


  1. LB's play the game of their lives.  Again, probably they came up short here although they toughened up when it counted.


  1. Would love to see the Bronco corners get a couple of picks, but will be pleased with tight coverage and sure tackling.  Two picks for Wilson, but the coverage was far too loose late in the game.  Tackling by and large was solid.


  1. Special teams—contain the Duck return teams.  Let Brotzman punt.  The coverage was less than stellar although at least they didn't allow a return for a touchdown.


TDThompson was looking for O-line domination.  The Broncos are just not there yet.


Broncosoldier was hoping for offensive resurgence from the Bowling Green game and even more punishing, physical defense.  These two things were the keys to the game and the reason for the Bronco win.


Footballfreakyfan was looking for the offensive line to play well and dominate, Moore to play error free football and continue to show improvement (looking for three TD's), the defense to force more turnovers and get pressure on the quarterback and for Jeron Johnson to hit Jeremiah Johnson so hard that "all of Autzen says OHHH!!" and shuts up the entire stadium.  Again, the offensive line played well, especially pass blocking but they have miles to go with their run blocks.  Kellen did have the tipped pass and the bobbled snap so even he can improve from Saturday's performance.  The defense got three turnovers and got well-timed pressure on the QB.  Better pressure would have stemmed the tide so they didn't have to sweat it out so much, but not bad. Johnson's major hit came against Dixon and I think the sound emitting from most of the Ducks was one of "Boo!" rather than "OHHH!" but that's another topic!


Mccloudb too was looking for the line to come of age.  The way to look at it is they are probably playing like their age.  We all want it to be better than that, but it's going to take a few more games. 


Dingee wanted "YAC"! or yards after the catch.  Perretta's long touchdown helps that a lot!


OldBSUBlue wanted 1)execution by the lines on both sides of the ball, 2) a stronger running game (oops), 3) interceptions and forced fumbles, 4) stopping their running game and being able to handle a running QB and 5) special teams making big plays both sides of the ball.  Both lines have plenty of room for improvement but the execution was generally there.  OldBSUBlue gets a big check on #3! 


It was a monumental win for Boise State, but the fact that Oregon was nearly able to come back from a 37-13 deficit showed everyone how far the Broncos still have to go.  They have yet to prove they can put away a ranked team.  They not only have to win but be able to crush that opponent.  They haven't done it against #8 Fresno, #4 Oklahoma or #15 Oregon.  That I believe is the barrier to this team reaching the top of the mountain.  A lot of clearing this barrier is mental and some of it is physical.  They need to continue to get better at conditioning so they have more in their tanks than the opponent does.


Again though, one of the biggest wins in school history speaks for itself.  They might not have taken care of all the little things but they were able to execute enough of them to secure an impressive win over the Ducks in one of the toughest stadiums to come out of with a victory.



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