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Interestingly enough, the first time I started for Boise State was against Louisiana Tech. Back then, we were not so good of a team, yet. We lost in the final 30 seconds of the game. I threw three interceptions. It was 1997, the Houston Nutt year, and we lost 2 other games with under a minute left that season, one against Wisconsin, which should have been the first BCS victory for the Broncos...

Obviously a much different team now suits up in blue and orange, a much better team. And unlike ‘97, I don't see this LA Tech team winning in Bronco Stadium Wednesday night. There is just too much football talent lined up against this other WAC Bulldog team. And when I speak of football talent I don't mean athletic talent.

Don't get me wrong, the Broncos are more athletic than they have ever been, they just don't have as much depth as this La Tech team. Always has been that way. Probably always will. For some reason the south has an athletic skill stockpile. From top to bottom, left to right, up down, all-around, it supplies these southern universities with more athletic skills than Nike supplies Oregon with ugly uniforms. You add that mix into what coach Dooley has created in Ruston and you have yourself a solid opponent with big play potential.

Unfortunately for this Dooley team though, their athletic talent still carries more weight than their football talent. Athleticism is obviously a necessity but it must be combined with a solid knowledge of playing the game. Case in point, Kellen Moore. Certainly not the most athletic person on the field but he has proven he has the most knowledge. Good teams have both evenly; great teams have both and more, which comes in the form of coaching. BSU is a good team on the verge of becoming a great one.

So I am expecting a couple things from this game. Both positive and certainly will happen if there is a Bronco victory. First, I see the offense playing a full game; start to finish. Must be done at some point this season because they will soon have too, if not this game. Second, if the O-line keeps improving like they have been each week then I expect to see Kellen Moore having a record game. I know, might be tough to top after his Oregon output but this week's match-up creates potential for bigger plays and more yards. I am not a big state guy, never have been. But it sure is nice to see more yards on the offensive side of the ball than the opposing team.

By the way, two of those interceptions I threw were at the end of each half, hail marys, I think. Then again, I am not a big stat guy.

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