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Looking back at my writing antics of last year's match-up against Southern Miss I noticed a few tidbits that will certainly come into effect again. I tried to find something that was different from the last time and about the only thing that has changed is the location. And it certainly is not a quick jaunt on a jet. I Google Earth'd it and they aren't lyin' when they call it Southern Mississippi.

Hattiesburg is a place where football rocks and the humidity is probably as intense as the BBQ ribs.

For Hattiesburg is a place where football rocks and the humidity is probably as intense as the BBQ ribs.

We are still favored to win, we are playing an athletic team, and I am sure the voodoo* stick will be out. But with a new offensive minded coach in Larry Fedora and a record breaking back in Damion Fletcher carrying the load there is cause for some fits. Big fits. I think most of us are aware of it. And if your not, pay attention.

Still known for the Alma of Mr. Packer himself, (still can't quite comprehend that #4 Jet uni), the Southern Miss football program is one of the most consistent winners in Conference USA. As they should be. Great athletic talent in that area and always will be. Last week's match-up, La Tech, was similar in comparison and I could easily promote the same vocabulary when escribing the outlook of the game but the location on Google's US map has me adding a few more tidbits of info. For instance, the Eagles don't lose much there and they have that voodoo* stick.

But I am extremely confident in the coaches' ability to handle the situation. Given the young mindset of this team I believe they will have the fellas in focus mode from second one to second none. And if they are not? Then dare I say it… buh-by BCS.

Now I know we are all aware of that.

*Last year I had a good view of Southern Miss's sidelines and before every BSU offensive snap this person would hold up a stick, which looked like it had a snakehead at the end.

Since "Google Earthing" Hattiesburg I noticed it is not far from New Orleans. I am no expert on the matter but don't they still practice voodoo down there? Logical? Anyone else got an idea? Maybe I will just use this Google thing again.

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