Toledo Makes Utah W Over Michigan No BIg Deal

Hold the phone! Those believing Utah's win over Michigan in the season's first week was reason why they should be the top "non-BCS" football team have to rethink. After 1-4 Toledo duplicated Utah's feat by beating Michigan, the Utes' victory now doesn't seem so special.

A very significant event occurred over the weekend.  Toledo (1-4) going into its game with Michigan, downed the Wolverines 13-10.  This meant bad news for Utah, which was swept up the polls following its season-opening win over Michigan.


You see, now that win by Utah has lost its luster.  After the Appalachian State win over Michigan last year and now the Toledo victory, we now know that a win over Michigan is no big deal.  The fact that lately the Wolverines only seem to be able to beat other Big Ten teams does not bode well for that conference.


It certainly makes the Utah win less important.  According to Jeff Sagarin, who produces one of six computer models used by the Bowl Championship Series to compute its "BCS Standings", Toledo is the #104 team in the country.  If Toledo can beat Michigan, the appropriate question is "Who can't?"


As Utah has been trumpeting its victory over Michigan as its "landmark win", the Toledo victory makes the Utah win much, much less important.  Utah's only big win now is over Oregon State.  BYU's biggest victory was over lackluster UCLA.


Boise State, on the other hand, went on the road and beat a solid Oregon team that was ranked #16 at the time.  Oregon slipped out of the ratings following a loss at USC, but that victory at least for now appears to be a more impressive one than the home win for BYU and the home win for Utah. In this week's unofficial BCS Standings, Utah is 9th, BYU 12th and Boise State 13th.


Unless the BCS gods have changed their commandment that "thou shalt only take one "non-BCS team" per year", only one of the above will have a shot at a BCS Bowl.  That is a shame! 

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