Bart's Blog: The Great Debate

In tribute to the season of politics, there has been some talk around these parts about this game. A rift of uncertainty, a hesitant acceptance about the potential implications of this game, and how this Hawaii team is different from the Colt Brennan one of past. There is a great debate about how this game could turn out.

And I can understand. I mean Hawaii is the defending WAC champs, they rolled into Fresno with hope and rolled out with an upset, the team is completely different, and the Broncos haven't played a "full" game yet. Well, it is a good debate and arguable on both sides. But because the last time a Bronco team has lost a conference game at home was almost 10* years ago, I am going to use this to debate to argue for a win. I certainly encourage comments that are against.

Here is why… This is a short week and it couldn't have come any shorter, especially when on a nice streak and especially when there is so much more to improve on. Just like anything you are passionate about, when you want to improve you can't wait to start or continue to get better and there never seems to be enough time to do so. And the way coach Petersen (and pretty sure the rest of the offensive staff) felt about the output of last week the clock could not be ticking faster.

So I would look for big things to happen this week and there is nothing like taking offensive frustrations out by throwing up 50+. I am not saying it is going to happen all I am saying is if there were a game for it to happen this would be it.

Like probably all of us watching, I am still waiting to see a run game. But am I kept up at night because of it? No. The O-line is young, still working towards getting better, and have a great coach to get them there. Look at a positive; Moore is getting the time to operate and when he doesn't occasionally slip into playing like the freshman he is the ball gets thrown everywhere. So maybe we have come to expect such dominance that even a small win is no longer a good enough. Nice problem to have.

And there is no debate about how the defense and special teams are the highlight thus far. And in no way is there is anything wrong with that either. Just as long as the offense does enough, winning will continue to work itself out.

And when the offense does play a "full" game? Well, there is no debate about what this team is capable of.

*(November 1998 was the last loss. I was a part of it. Didn't like it and we made sure it didn't happen again. So far so good.)

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