Bart's Blog: Big D in San Jose

I wish I were an expert at something. I would take golf, definitely not poker, craps for sure, certainly my job, and I would even take the title of being an expert at this game of football. As much as I have been around it, someone like myself certainly should be. But I am not. Because an expert could think of an explanation as to why we will win this game. If not, at least offer some speculation

I could offer some speculation based on stats, figures, and numbers. Maybe even bring in a good luck charm or superstitious habit to the table, increase the odds for such a game.

I do know for a fact that players in all sports have their superstitions. A charm, a prayer, order of suiting up, even a specific tape job will count. Some may call it a different name too.
Whatever it may be called, what I do know is that Boise State is certainly in the routine of winning.

As for stats, well, I am not a big stat guy. But for this game maybe I will give the stats a look over. Okay, annnnnnnd… done. We score more points and give up even fewer points. That is all I need to see. The one stat besides the win/loss column that explains in black and white the win/loss column.

So I would like to say that Boise State would roll down to San Jose and put up some big numbers, walk away with a clear-cut victory. I would even throw out a statement like "across the board we have better football players, coaching talent, and history." Which, we do. I could even use the belief of "three" in that this is the third time down there and the third time is a charm for a wider margin of victory. Then again, third time could be a charm for San Jose State. One might state that this is the biggest game for San Jose State so they will be extremely focused. That may be in there favor and it may not. It depends on the general attitude of that team and I am no expert remember.

But what I can tell you is that the Boise State crew is looking at this game as their biggest thus far. And it may boil down to who doesn't give up the biggest play on defense. It is generally believed that just a handful of plays determine the outcome of a game anyway. The problem being that is never known which ones they are so every play is more important than the one prior. This game may honestly come down to just one big play given the hype and play of these two defenses.

Is there defense better than ours? Hmmm… maybe, it is super close to call. I think with the game being played down there it gives them a slight edge. Is there offense better than ours? A definite no, Kellen Moore makes that difference. So given that these two teams boast great defensive play, the key to any good team, it should come down to which offense is better suited to score when that "play" comes around.

And my expertise says I like our chances. Plus I will be wearing my lucky, BSU socks.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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