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I haven't got a clear answer. There is little explanation as to why Boise State has to make it interesting every time they take a trip to Las Cruces. I could call it the travel logistics, which can and did turn into a nightmare once, the atmosphere, where the wind blown tumbleweeds make louder noise, or maybe even, for lack of a better reason, the food.

Much like the late night taco truck in downtown Boise on a busy Saturday night, a victory in Las Cruces is a long fought battle of waiting time. Time that still is worth it.

I look at the scores of the last eight meetings, which started in 1996. That first game literally came down to a reverse on a kickoff and a last second touchdown pass. Little did I know then that these types of shenanigans would continue every other year when the Broncos headed south for the match-up.

Every trip down has been a battle to the last quarter and sometimes having to come from behind. Strange that when the game is played on the Blue the game is over by half.

On The Blue
1997 Boise State 52, New Mexico State 10
1999 Boise State 45, New Mexico State 26
2005 Boise State 56, New Mexico State 6
2007 Boise State 58, New Mexico State 0

Away Games
1996 Boise State 33, New Mexico State 32
1998 Boise State 55, New Mexico State 51
2000 Boise State 41, New Mexico State 34
2006 Boise State 40, New Mexico State- 28

Is the Blue that much different than whatever they call their field down there? Apparently. But I see this year's game being a bucked trend.

Reason being that there have already been trends bucked this year. There was the first win vs. a Pac 10 team on the road, this year's Bronco team is defined more by its defense than it's offense, Ian Johnson is a better football player than running back, and the clincher buck of trends?... A healthy win on the road in San Jose last week.

Plus, with all the fodder in the papers this week, combined with Mumme's unhealthy comments of past (probably why we haven't heard from him yet), I see another Bronco victory.

There it is. About as clear as my thoughts about getting in costume for Halloween.

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