Grading the Broncos

In this week's "Fan Corner", we evaluate Boise State's performance against New Mexico State Saturday and determine if the Broncos measured up to fans' expectations.

It would have to be some pretty hard-to-please fans who weren't satisfied with Boise State's 49-0 win over New Mexico State Saturday.  It was a dominating performance by the surging Broncos who seem to be getting better with each week.


ApolloVI hoped the Broncos would get "complete control of the game from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. " He wanted a clean and crisp first quarter and a solid opening drive leading to a TD.  Boise State had fans like Apollo in mind when they shut down New Mexico State on the opening drive and scored on the ensuing possession on a nice 74-yard drive of their own, culminating with a 14-yard pass from Kellen Moore to Jeremy Childs.  Broncofanincaldwell wanted similar—"Four quarters of complete dominance on both sides of the ball.  No turnovers.  No personal fouls."  49-0 has to qualify as complete dominance.  They did have a couple of turnovers and still need to work on that.  Lots of turnovers and there was the personal foul prior to halftime as well as a face mask penalty and the illegal block.


Blueandorangefish saw the importance of a nice start as well, looking for the Broncos to score on their first two drives.  The Broncos didn't quite do that, but they scored touchdowns on three consecutive drives in the second quarter.


Jarrett was looking for fewer penalties, no three-and-outs, no dropped passes and bigger holes for the running game.  Unfortunately, numerous penalties continue to plague the Broncos which in a close game could come back to bite them.  Very few dropped passes—these Bronco receivers are seasoned and unfazed by game situations.  The running game is something Bronco fans have screamed for all season long.  Jayman1023 was hoping for "a dominating run game performance".  Spudrunners set a specific target "break the 250-yard rushing mark".  BoiseAlum was looking for that mark as well.  Blue and Orange Dynasty set the bar at 300 yards.  Surbers4 was looking for 225 yards.  Unfortunately, the Broncos didn't hit any of those rushing numbers, finishing with 216.  Most fans agree, however, that progress is being made.


Of course essential to that running game is the improving offensive line.  Golf4food wanted "real impressive offensive line play."  As Golf said, "I think our protection is good but would like to see a little bit of improvement on pass protection so we can see some deep balls."  The Broncos need to find a new deep threat, because they aren't stretching the field.


Jojobro wanted quarterbacks Bush Hamdan and Michael Coughlin to trade reps in the fourth quarter.  Bingo there.  Samandeddie wanted no punts or field goals, but long drives ending in scores.  There was just the one punt by Brad Elkin and the missed field goal.  As he said, "It's about time to put up or shut up.  This team needs to stake out an identity on offense."  It wasn't perfect, but the offense established a pretty good identity Saturday.  Now we'll see if they can keep it up against Utah State.


Jojobro recognized the success of the New Mexico State secondary and was looking for some deep passes to stretch the field.  "This will set up Kellen Moore's excellent play action fakes," he said, "and about three long connections would be very good to see."  As mentioned above, the long passes just aren't clicking right now.  Forseyfan11 was looking for Jeremy Childs to have a big game (five receptions for 84 yards and two touchdowns) and for Kyle Wilson and Brandyn Thompson to have big days.  Wilson had a nice interception Saturday that set up the Broncos' second score.


Mapleleafbronco called on the Bronco defense to "shut down the Air Raid."  Spudrunners noted that Nebraska and San Jose State kept Holbrook at around 200 yards passing and was hoping "Boise State could shut down the first pure passer of the year."  Jojobro also wanted cornerbacks Wilson and Thompson to shut down Williams.  Williams caught four balls all night for a grand total of 24 yards.  The amazing Broncos held the high-powered Aggies to 116 yards passing. 


Jojobro wanted plenty of rotations for the defensive line with total domination at the line of scrimmage.  Jojo also suggested "a handful of creative blitz packages."  Surbers4 wanted physical play from the defense with no big pass plays allowed.  He wanted no more than 50 yards rushing and 225 yards passing allowed the Aggies.  38 rushing yards and 116 passing?  Off the charts.


Spudrunners was looking for five sacks and two interceptions.  Iodine129 said "Sack city baby!"  Hannifin Cigar wanted New Mexico State quarterback Chase Holbrook to "get harassed for six sacks, 10 hurries and at least 10 knockdowns."  Wow, that's a tough day for Holbrook.  Actually it wasn't too far off.  The two Aggie quarterbacks were sacked seven times, the season high for Boise State.  Hannifin was hoping the Bronco defense to catch USC in the national Scoring Defense category.  Boise State did their part but USC pitched a shutout as well.


Regarding special teams, a special bow needs to be taken by broncofanincaldwell who asked for, and got! "a kickoff or punt returned for a TD."  Jojobro, too, called it—"A punt return that breaks NMSU's back early in the game or at any point of the game."  BoiseAlum did not want any more than two punts.  Freakin'BSUfan also called out for "One touchdown on special teams."  Kyle Wilson personally delivered for these three.  Freakin' wanted a 30-yard return average, a blocked kick, no Aggie return past the 20 in kickoffs and no punt returns.


ApolloVI wanted a minimum of 40 points scored, but more than 50 ideally.  Meanwhile, Apollo called on the Bronco "D" to hold NMSU to 7 points or less.  The Broncos were excellent in both point totals.  He also wanted "a breakout game from at least one guy we haven't heard from much this season." 


NashvilleBronco was hoping Boise State would not coast to the finish line and run an offensive package that keeps the Aggies guessing.


Two posters were prophetic in their comments.  Bluemojave said "I would really love to see the "D" shut them out!"   Cajunbronco was eerily close—"I would like to see a complete blowout.  I would like to see Boise State win 52-0."


Thanks to all fans for contributing your thoughts!


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