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I am a big Brent Guy fan. Great guy, great coach. So it upsets me that I don't see his teams getting the success that he deserves. I realize this year's Utah State team in getting better, noted by a couple conference wins and a heart breaker loss vs. Fresno State, so I wish him the best of times with his team the rest of the year. I just don't see him getting better this Saturday...

From a betting standpoint the line is 35; so I am thinking 30 will be suffice. Then again the Broncos are one or two bonehead mistakes from being stellar with each week being better than the next. So if bonehead-free from start this could get ugly early. And now that a BCS bowl game is now riding on a BYU victory I think there might be some added angst in this game for the boys in blue. Boise blue.

There are a couple of things I will be looking for Saturday at noon. First, eliminate mistakes from the point of attack. I watch some of these games and notice that errors are made not on the backside of a play but right where the ball is headed. Only if a missed block could happen away from the ball or a broken assignment that doesn't directly affect the outcome of the play. AKA fumble, interception, key block, wrong route, poor throw.

Second, eliminate the penalties. Probably a good thing we are on Lyle Smith's field so noise shouldn't be a problem with offside penalties. Then again, it wasn't exactly a stellar audible level down in San Jose and Las Cruces. Physical mistakes I can always handle but being completely brainless like late hits, personal fouls, and forgotten snap counts is uncalled for.

Experience might be the underlying root as to why this team is just getting better every week and not already great. What is good though is that despite small mistakes the team is still crushing it. Ten years ago, ahem, back when I ran amuck on that field if we made the type of mistakes this team was making it would cost us 14 points the other way. So it is with great fortune that the talent on this team allows said mistakes happen without such dramatic effects.

And this talent is here to stay for a while. And despite a surging Utah State team, about the only thing Loganites (?) can hope for is mistake-ridden football from the home team.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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