Grading the Broncos vs. Utah State

Once again, the fans cry out to be heard. We examine their wishes prior to the game and how Boise State did Saturday in their victory over Utah State.

Each week, we ask BroncoCountry fans what they would like to see the Broncos accomplish.  As the season wears on, the team should have fewer areas in which to improve, right?  Wrong.  It seems something happens each week that shows a glaring weakness.


Cajunbronco says he's still looking for a 50-point or better to zero blowout with no injuries.  He wanted to see Bush Hamdan and Mike Coughlin get more reps in the fourth quarter.  Presto!  Boise State put enough distance between themselves and their opponents that Hamdan and Coughlin could both get quality time and Coughlin even threw a touchdown.  No 50-0 shutout, though.  Sorry Cajun.


Forseyfan11 was looking for continued improvement in the rushing game and a "great atmosphere at Bronco Stadium".  Boise State did do OK rushing the football but probably not any better against the Aggies than in other games.  I do not feel the atmosphere was there.  Many couldn't wait to get out at halftime to wherever they go and do whatever it is they do.  They also wanted to stay there rather than come back and cheer for their team, while meanwhile the Aggies were trying to make a game of it at 28-14.  SaintEven pretty much predicted that with the weather (although it was much better than expected) and the "expected thumping". 


GunSlinginBronco went one step further.  "I think that the running game needs to terrorize the Aggies.  To the point they hang their heads and cry terrorize, give up early on the pursuit and make mistakes terrorize.  Can you imagine what that would say about Boise State as a complete team when being considered for a BCS Bowl?"  I personally wish GunSlinginBronco was a starter on the offensive line.  We need guys with that attitude.


As Senior Day approaches and we begin to wax nostalgic, Meridian Bronco brought up the fact that senior receivers Toshi Franklin and Tanyon Bissell have yet to catch a TD pass.  Bissell had a really nice day but no catches in the end zone.  Perhaps he's saving it for Senior Day!


NashvilleBronco said "It would be nice if we could go a whole game without a turnover."  Instead, the Broncos committed two turnovers for the second straight game. 


Hannifin Cigar wanted "a complete savage performance by the "D" with some punishing hits."  Hannifin's son is a big George Iloka fan, and he was hoping #8 would "snag a pick, record a sack and have five solo tackles."  Hannifin wanted the Broncos to push the envelope with double digit sacks, for Byron Hout to "make himself known" and a "Mr. Tevis sighting would be nice."  Unfortunately, the Boise State web page is down to review defensive statistics—but Iloka not only got one interception but two!   Hout had a couple nice tackles and his play will be even more crucial with the broken leg injury suffered by Jarrell Root. 


Nashville Bronco wanted Boise State to "make (Utah State quarterback Diondre) Borel ineffective on the ground and force him to throw." Can you say 11 carries for 12 yards and benched in the second quarter?  Nashville also wanted the D to limit Utah State to 200 total, but they got over that. 


How about FirsdownBSU?  He "would love to see a defensive touchdown."  Then the second half play in which Ryan Winterswyk popped the ball loose on a Borel pass deep in Aggie territory and Ellis Powers scooped it up and ran it in was tailor-made.


This quote from Iodine129 was one of my favorites although it unfortunately didn't happen:  "We beat USU so badly it gives Utah a loss!"


Or, is it asking too much to give BroncoFan78 what he wants—"A television feed."  Sigh.

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