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Well it is that week again. Of course, it has not lived up to as much hype as the past but it still has some clout when the Kibbie Dome surrounds it. The last time I can remember the game actually being super competitive was 1998. But as much as the Broncos have owned this game for the last decade, the rivalry will be back in a big way if Idaho can just get one game back...

I guess that is what makes it a rivalry. The domination of one team is only as good as the last game.

Prior to 1994 it was all Idaho. Right now it is all Boise State but nobody will be talking about the last decade of Bronco Football and its streak anymore if it comes to and end.

The thought of the game being back to true rivalry hype by an Idaho upset should weigh heavily on this young Bronco team. As for the antics off the field, leave that fodder for the fans and media.

Below is a story from a friend, originally found on, back when Idaho dominated the land and how the rivalry is doing today.


I'm a college graduate, Boise State University class of '94. It's a pretty sweet time to be a Bronco right now (Fiesta Bowl and all.) Of course that wasn't always the case when I was attending. An annual football beat down at the hands of our northern rivals was something a Bronco fan could regularly look forward to. God did I detest the University of Idaho. As a student you'd spend a week in celebration debasing the Vandal name only to have said week climax with a sound butt kicking (our butt.)

Did I mention I detested the University of Idaho? Of course that paradigm has shifted, as Idaho hasn't beaten Boise State in like a decade. Still, the effect of a good college rivalry tends to linger and I am sure a few Vandals will never be the biggest fans of the color orange.

Me: ..... "You had a seizure."

Him: "What?"

Me: "You had a seizure. You cut your head open." And your tongue was blocking your airway so you couldn't breathe.

Him: "Really? I really had a seizure, how?" A series of events that ended with a jerry rigged chain not holding a 400 pound truss in place.

Me: "A truss fell and hit you cutting open your head." Cause you weren't wearing a helmet. Not smart.

Him: "Really? Is it serious… am I ok?"

Me: "Yeah, you're doing great now. We're heading to St. Luke's hospital so the doctor can find out what's going on and make sure you're ok." Drive faster.

Him: "Really?"

Me: "Really." Really dude, helmet, helmet, helmet you lucky SOB.

Now silence. This is not good, not good at all. Say something to him.

Me: Noticing the blood soaked University of Idaho sweatshirt, "Ah, you a U of I grad?"

Him: "Yeah, you?"

Me: "Boise State."

Him: "Man I hate the Broncos." Now there's a shock. Talking is good.

I reach over and check another blood pressure.

Him: "You know I'd die before I'd cheer for Boise State." That's funny…

Me: "How are you feeling now? Do you remember what day it is yet?"

Him: "So, you went to BSU huh?"

Me: "Yeah, what day is it?" Please say Friday.

Him: "Am I ok, was it close?" Too close dude. You should see the 10 inch scalp laceration you're sporting.

Me: "You're doing great. The docs at St. Luke's will take good care of you." Please don't crump on me. Almost there, please, please, please don't crump.

Him: "So a Bronco saved my life…" You said it dude. I guess we're not all that bad are we?

I'm about to verbalize the inner monolog to him when he beats me to it.

Him: "You still go to the game?"

Me: "What game?"

Him: "The game, Idaho-BSU!" Oh, that "the game."

Me: "Yeah," adjusting his bandages, "how about you?"

Him: "Man I hate you Broncos."

Me: Smiling nasal exhale. You're gonna be just fine dude.

The rivalry lives on.

Bart Hendricks... played a few times for Boise State.  
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