Broncos Join Top 20 in History

Boise State won its 10th game of the season yesterday with a victory over Idaho. In so doing, the Broncos became of of just 20 schools in college football history to win 10 games in six years of a decade. Boise State still has two more years to advance in the history books.

With Boise State 's 45-10 win over Idaho yesterday, the Broncos reached their 10th win of the season without a loss.  It was the 8th time in the last 10 years that Boise State has achieved the feat.  In this decade, Boise State has hit the mark in six of the eight years so far.   

This is significant because the Broncos have become just the 20th school in NCAA history to win ten or more games in six seasons of a decade.  Only 14 have done it since 1920.  If Boise State can keep it up, they move into even more elite company.  Only 11 times has a school won ten or more games in seven seasons of a decade, six times since 1920.  With two more seasons of double digit wins, the Broncos would become one of just seven schools in college football history to reach 10 or more wins in eight years of a decade.  Florida State (90's), Oklahoma (1970's), Nebraska (80's) and Texas (this decade) are the only teams to do it in the modern era (since 1930).  Harvard , Pennsylvania and Princeton are the only others to accomplish the feat.  

Florida State is the only team in history to win 10 or more games in each year of a decade--the Seminoles did that in the 90's. Only two times in history has a school won ten or more games in nine seasons of a decade and it hasn't happened since the 1890's.  Texas could accomplish that this decade.  

Here is a complete list of the schools that have consistent years of ten or more wins:


Air Force 90's (3), Alabama 60's (4), 70's (8), 80's (3), 90's (5), 00's (3), Arizona State 70's (5), Arkansas 70's (3), 80's (3), Auburn 80's (4), 00's (2), Boise State 00's (6), Boston College 00's (2), BYU 80's (6), 00's (4), Carlisle 1900's (5), Clemson 80's (4), Florida 90's (7), 00's (3), Florida State 80's (4), 90's (10), Fresno State 00's (1), Georgia 80's (4), 00's (5), Harvard 1890's (8), 1900's (4), Hawai'i 00's (3), Iowa 00's (3), Kansas 00's (1), Kansas State 90's (4), 00's (3), Louisville 00's (3), LSU 00's (5), Maryland 00's (3), Miami of Florida 80's (6), 90's (4), 00's (4), Michigan 70's (7), 80's (4), 90's (4), 00's (3), Nebraska 60's (2), 70's (4), 80's (8), 90's (6), 00's (3), Notre Dame 20's (2), 70's (4), 80's (2), 90's (3), 00's (2), Ohio State 70's (4), 90's (5), 00's (5), Oklahoma 50's (6), 70's (8), 80's (4), 00's (6), Oregon 00's (3), Penn State 70's (7), 80's (5), 90's (5), 00's (2), Pennsylvania 1890's (9), 1900's (6), Princeton 1890's (9), USC 70's (5), 00's (6), Tennessee 90's (4), 00's (4), Texas 60's (4), 70's (4), 00's (8), Texas A & M 90's (5), TCU 30's (3), 00's (5), Toledo 00's (2), UCLA 80's (3), Utah 00's (2), Virginia Tech 90's (3), 00's (5), Washington 80's (3), Washington State 00's (3), Wisconsin 00's (2), Yale 1890's (7), 1900's (7)

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