Nevada Running Game Twice as Good as Oregon

Has it really been a year since Nevada scored 67 points on the Boise State defense? It has, and Nevada is ready to do it again this Saturday when they host the Broncos.

The Oregon Ducks were touted as an amazing offense.  Yet when they played Boise State's defense earlier this year, they could only score 32 against it.  That's not even half what Nevada of the Western Athletic Conference scored last year in Bronco Stadium.  The Wolf Pack blitzed the scoreboard for 67--yes that's right, 67 points against the Bronco defense.

It's like a kid opening presents at Christmas.  Nevada has waited for this day for a year, a chance to play against their favorite defense from Boise State. 

Not often does an offense have so much fun on a football field.  Last year in Bronco Stadium, the Wolf Pack ran over, around and through the Bronco defense for 396 yards.  Oregon was credited with just 227.  OK, that's a little better than half as good as Nevada is, but points are what matter in football and as shown above, Nevada scored over twice as much as Oregon.  Add in Colin Kaepernick's passing yards (243) and Nevada torched the Boise State defense for 639 yards of total offense.  Oregon, despite having to pass late in the game to catch up, could only manage 464.

You would think that losing star running back Luke Lippincott to injury early in the year would have devastated the running attack for Nevada.  Not true.  Vai Tuai has more than picked up the slack for Coach Chris Ault.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is far better than Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli. Masoli has run for just 559 yards and six touchdowns this season. Compare that to 1,017 yards for Kaepernick and 16 TD's and you can see why Nevada wanted Kaepernick instead of Masoli.

The game-by-game totals for the Nevada running game are staggering.  They picked up 428 yards and seven rushing touchdowns against Grambling in the season opener, then they picked up 224 yards against Texas Tech, the #2 team in the country.  The Pack totaled 182 yards against Missouri despite having to abandon their rushing game after getting behind early.  In a 49-27 pasting of UNLV of the Mountain West Conference, Nevada picked up another 444 yards and five rushing touchdowns.  They then ran for 264 yards and five scores against Idaho, 313 and three TD's vs. New Mexico State and 284 and four against Utah State.  Recently, the Wolf Pack ran for 308 against Hawai'i,  472 yards and four TD's against the  Fresno State defense, and 333 yards and four more scores against the vaunted San Jose State defense.

So the 396 yards rushing against Boise State last year was no fluke; Nevada merely used that game as a springboard into this season.  And now they've come full circle. 

This Saturday, Nevada gets to line it up and let loose on the Bronco defenders, who still aren't sure who has the ball.

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