Only Team in America Unbeaten 3 of 5 Years

It's time to add another brick to the rather solid wall that Boise State has been building since 2003. With last night's 61-10 win over Fresno State, the Broncos finished the regular season 12-0. Boise State is now the only team in America to go undefeated three times in the last five years.

With a convincing 61-10 win over highly-regarded Fresno State last night in Bronco Stadium, Boise State became the only team in America to go undefeated in three of the last five years.  The Broncos finished the season 12-0 and await a possible berth in a BCS Bowl.  That won't be decided until December 6th when all the teams have played.  It is conceivable that Boise State could still get into the national championship game but a lot would have to happen for that to occur.

It could be called the "nuclear option" of the 2008 season. Here's what has to happen. Boise State is currently 9th in the BCS Standings. They could pass Penn State in tomorrow's Standings for 8th place. Texas Tech would have to lose today to Baylor. Florida would have to lose to Florida State this afternoon. Alabama would have to lose to Auburn and again next week to Florida in the SEC Championship. USC would have to lose either today to Notre Dame or UCLA next week. Oklahoma would have to lose to Oklahoma State tonight. Texas would have to lose to Missouri in the Big-12 Championship next week. Then Boise State would have to beat out Missouri, Ohio State, Penn State and Florida for #2 behind Utah in the final BCS Standings next week. That would indeed define a nuclear option!

The Broncos were 11-0 in the 2004 regular season and 13-0 in the perfect Fiesta Bowl year of 2006.  Auburn, Utah and Oklahoma both were undefeated in 2004, Texas went unbeaten in the regular season in 2005 and Ohio State did it in 2006,  The only remaining unbeaten teams this season are Boise State, Utah, Ball State and Alabama.

Thus, the climb for Boise State continues as they add another category to leading the nation.  This one, perhaps, is the most important.


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