Boise State #1 in Bowl Eligible Opponents

The four BCS Bowl committees are busy comparing qualifications for the 14 teams that are eligible for the major bowl games. If they're considering which team scheduled bowl eligible teams and beating them, their number one choice will be Boise State.

It's the time of year when everyone's talking bowls.  Who's bowl eligible, who's not, and who plays where?

Since the goal is to make a bowl game, it's important to schedule quality opponents that will give you the strength of schedfule you need to be judged as having a successful season. 

Boise State ranks first among the 14 BCS-eligible teams by scheduling and beating eight bowl eligible teams.  The Broncos became just the fourth non-conference team in 17 years to beat Oregon in their home stadium, and also beat Nevada, Southern Mississippi and San Jose State on the road and Bowling Green, Fresno State, Hawai'i and Louisiana Tech at home.

Alabama places second in facing bowl eligible teams.  The Crimson Tide are 6-0 with a game against Florida in the SEC Championship this weekend.  Ball State and Utah are both 5-0, followed by Florida at 8-1, Oklahoma and Texas both 6-1, Texas Tech 5-1, then it's Penn State and USC at 4-1, Cincinnati 5-2, and Ohio State (4-2), Texas Christian (3-2) and Oklahoma State (3-3) bringing up the rear.

Here are the complete records of the BCS Top 14:


1.  Boise State--8-0 (Oregon, Southern Mississippi, Bowling Green, Fresno State, Nevada, Hawai'i, Louisiana Tech, San Jose State)

2.  Alabama--6-0 with Florida this weekend (Clemson, Tulane, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, LSU, Florida)

3.  Ball State--5-0 with Buffalo this weekend (Navy, Buffalo, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, Buffalo)

3.  Utah--5-0 (Oregon State, Colorado State, Air Force, Brigham Young, Texas Christian)

5.  Florida--8-1 (Hawai'i, Miami of Florida, Mississippi, LSU, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida State, Alabama)

6.  Oklahoma--6-1 with Missouri this weekend (Cincinnati, TCU, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Missouri)

6.  Texas--6-1 (Rice, Florida Atlantic, Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Kansas)

8.  Texas Tech--5-1 (Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma)

9.  Penn State--4-1 (Oregon State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan State)

9.  USC--4-1 (Ohio State, Arizona, California, Oregon State, Oregon)

11.  Cincinnati--5-2 with Hawai'i this weekend (Oklahoma, Hawai'i, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Connecticut, Rutgers, West Virginia, Pittsburgh)

12.  Ohio State--4-2 (USC, Troy, Minnesota, Michigan State, Penn State, Northwestern)

13.  Texas Christian--3-2 (Oklahoma, Colorado State, Air Force, Brigham Young, Utah)

14.  Oklahoma State--3-3 (Troy, Houston, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech)


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